• 5 Ways to Improve your Rehab & Fitness at Home

    So you’ve made the life-changing decision to get fit, but the thought of going to a gym with the smell of sweat and sound of clanging steel fill you with dread. Or it could be you’re recovering from an injury and need a helping hand make the process smoother. Whatever your need, PhysioRoom has some … Read more

    Exercise to Fight Against Cancer – The Benefits

    After receiving a cancer diagnosis, such as mesothelioma, breast cancer or any other type of cancer, exercise might be the furthest thing from your mind. But even most oncologists will say that exercise can be extremely beneficial before, during and after your treatment for cancer. The way in which you choose to incorporate exercise into your routine is up to you. Physicians and researchers agree that 30 minutes of exercise five times each week can help you maintain or even improve your physical fitness while undergoing treatment.

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    Time to Kick Start Your Fitness Drive

    Did you over indulge during the festive holidays? Got a New Year’s resolution to begin a new fitness plan? Or do you need to relaunch your general workout? Whatever the scenario PhysioRoom.com has just the right combination of guidance and equipment to get you ready!

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    Gym Essentials For Your Home

      1. Gym Mat Stretching before and after your workout is a must so having the right space to warm up and cool down is highly important too. A gym mat provides a soft surface which is not slip, transportable and easy to clean. Why not try a gym mat that is made to a … Read more