Hamstring & Thigh Supports

Hamstring & Thigh Supports from PhysioRoom can be used to treat and prevent a range of injuries. These include sports hernias, hamstring strains, hip bursitis and more. These supports are ideal for participants of field and track sports. In our range, you'll find hamstring supports that can help with a range of conditions such as. Shop for Hamstring and Quad Muscle Injuries. Find support for Poor Blood Circulation. And help with Injury Prevention for Weak and Injury-Prone Thigh/Hamstring Muscles.

Adjustable Groin & Hamstring Support
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Hamstring injuries, such as muscle strains, can cause pain and inflammation. Depending on the severity of the tear, they may also cause swelling or bruising. Compression shorts can help ease these early symptoms of muscular injury. They do this by improving circulation to the area and blood flow. This helps to remove waste metabolites from the site.

Compression shorts are beneficial for preventing injuries by improving circulation. This keeps the muscles of the thigh and groin warm. Some compression shorts are also designed with integrated support. This will mimic the fascial lines around the groin and help to prevent injuries. Wearing compression shorts can help to provide support and improve confidence post-injury.

When the Hamstring muscle is overstretched, it can cause some of the fibres to tear. The injury can be graded between 1, 2 and 3. Grade 1 is the least severe and grade 3 means a full rupture of the muscle. Depending on the extent of the injury, a grade 1 tear will usually heal within two weeks. It's a good idea to follow the PRICE routine following a muscle injury. This is Protection, Rest, Ice Compression and Elevation. This can help enhance healing and prevent the tear from getting worse. Or, it can stop it from developing into a grade 2 strain.

Compression shorts can help to ease symptoms of swelling, inflammation and pain. If a return to activity is made too early, it can exacerbate the tear. This can then prolong the healing process.

Our Thigh Supports feature a range of products suitable for relieving pain. They can give you the support and comfort you need when recovering from an injury. We have thigh sleeves that offer dynamic support and compression to the quadriceps and hamstrings. They cushion and protect the thigh muscles. This helps with pain from strains, sprains and overuse.

We make our thigh supports from neoprene and moisture-wicking materials. These are ideal for use during sports and exercise. They wick away sweat making them more comfortable to wear during physical activity. A thigh support with thermal compression is perfect for the treatment and prevention of muscle strains. Compression helps to provide physical support and reassurance. Plus, the therapeutic heat helps to increase and retain muscle temperature. This helps to make soft tissues more 'stretchy' and less prone to strain injury.

Compression shorts are the most effective means of compressing the thigh and groin. If the injury is very specific, a thigh compression strap can help to relieve pressure. It can also reduce pain around the groin. Often it's difficult to maintain compression on this tricky area after an injury. So compression shorts offer an effective method of maintaining compression and support. Effective compression shorts can help to support injuries and improve blood flow to the area. This, in turn, can enhance healing.

Upper thigh pain can be caused by several different factors. It may be lower back posture or poor core stability. But is can also be due to foot posture and muscular imbalances. These can all contribute to injuries around the thigh or groin. Sports that involve a lot of kicking, sprinting or changes in direction can lead to injuries by straining these muscles. If you have sustained an injury, wear compression shorts to ease some symptoms. But it's always a good idea to seek an assessment from a Chartered Physiotherapist.

You rely on your thumb, hand and wrist for both sports and everyday tasks. So if you've damaged this part of your body, it can have a massive inconvenience to your life. Lifting a kettle, writing or using cutlery can all be affected.

Effectively Ease Pain in your Thumb, Hand or Wrist

At PhysioRoom, we have a range of products that can ease this discomfort in your wrist and thumb. They can also protect you from suffering further injuries. Or, if you're looking for a product to support you during rehabilitation for an injury, check out our thumb splints and supports.

Comfort No Matter What Your Condition

For daily wear and comfort, shop with PhysioRoom. We have splints and supports suitable for a range of conditions. Get gentle compression from the stretch fabric combined with solid support.


Our thumb and wrist supports feature adjustable straps to suit anybody comfortable. Shop from models with metal splints and breathable neoprene to keep your thumb and wrist in a neutral position. Available in a range of sizes.

Wrist Supports for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Wrist and hand splints reduce pain and help improve grip strength. This is useful for people with weak wrists. For people with rheumatoid arthritis, they can relieve pain by providing warmth and compression. The wrap-around style is easy to manage with one hand and is ideal for arthritis. Plus, it ensures a tight fit without impeding blood flow.

Wrist Supports for Tendonitis

A wrist support or wrist splint can help ease tendonitis pain and symptoms. It does so by reducing your movement and giving the tendon time to rest and heal. All whilst preventing further injury. Gentle stretching exercises can help ease the symptoms of tendonitis. Seek advice from a chartered physiotherapist. They can set you specific exercises to perform daily. And they can help you prevent the condition from worsening. Compression braces and cold compresses can help reduce swelling caused by Tendonitis.

Post Surgery Thumb & Wrist Support Braces

Our range of post-op bracing supports are ideal for use following thumb and wrist surgery. In our range, you'll find wrist braces, splints and supports. These can help with recovery from a range of conditions. These include: broken thumb, thumb ligament injuries, skier's thumb, wrist sprains, thumb sprains, wrist instability, weak and arthritic wrists and wrist pain.

One of our favourite styles of wrist supports for post-op bracing caters for a range of injuries. It does so by incorporating removable stabilisers. You can add or remove these depending on the type of support you need. With dual stabilisers, one which fits onto the inside of your wrist. And one which fits onto the outside. These both help keep the wrist secure and supported. The thumb spica support, meanwhile, provides extra stability to the thumb. Wrist braces with an immobilisation system can be used during the rehabilitation of many injuries. These include: L chronic and post-traumatic injury, nerve paralysis, sprains, and rheumatoid arthritis. Wrist supports designed to encase the wrist and restrict movement offer the best support.

Shop for a wrist brace for a common condition or post-injury and get back to daily activities today!

Thumb & Wrist Supports for Sports

Wearing one of our sports wrist supports can help prevent many potential wrist injuries. This high-quality range of supports is ideal for sports injuries. Sports like tennis, golf and squash depend heavily on repetitive wrist movements. In our range you'll find supports that can help with related conditions. These include: wrist sprains, thumb sprains, wrist instability, weak and arthritic wrists and wrist pain.

Wrist straps provide adjustable compression and support. Made from therapeutic neoprene with a wraparound design, they help to provide warmth and support to muscles and joints. This aids weak, injured or arthritic wrists. They're great for helping with strain caused by repetitive wrist movements.

Wrist supports that feature an adjustable wrap-around strap are easy to fit. They also have mesh materials to ensure total comfort. Wrist wraps and straps help to relieve pain and provide firm support. Those with spica splints can also help with thumb pain or protect your thumb after injury.