Water Bottles & Drink Carriers

Staying energised and hydrated when playing sports and exercising is essential. The drink carriers and water bottle range at PhysioRoom is dedicated to products that will keep you performing at your best. Get optimal sports performance and recovery no matter what sport you play. With many sizes, models, and colours to choose from you can pick the bottle or pack that suits you.

Drinks bottles supply vital fluids during endurance sports that need stamina and prolonged performance. Fluid and energy replacement is vital in sports where a high physical workload is maintained. PhysioRoom.com has a range of water bottles and holders suitable for all sports.

Aire Flex 18L Race Bike Hydration Pack
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Uzspace BPA Free Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser - 530ml
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Uzspace Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask - 480ml
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A Variety of Sizes

Choose from handheld bottles with 300ml capacity all the way up to large, 600ml reusable water bottles in our range. We have models if you need something small and portable to carry with you while you exercise. But if you want a bottle with lots of capacity for a day's worth of work, you'll find that here too. Choose the one that suits you best.

Robust Design

Our stainless steel flasks feature a robust design and in-built insulation that keeps fluids hot or cold (depending on what you put in). As a result, these flasks can take a beating all while keeping your water nice and chilled.

Hydration Vests and Packs

Use hydration packs and water bladders for consistent rehydration during endurance sports. They're particularly great for triathlons and marathons as well as hiking and cycling. When it comes to transporting large amounts of waste, a hydration backpack or hydration bladder is the way to go.

These packs are worn just like a backpack with adjustable straps is, except they're packed full of water. This can either be refilled to a bottle or consumed with a hydration tube. Choose from small or large hydration backpacks or waist packs.

BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottles

For a completely safe BPA-free bottle, go to Physioroom. Our BPA-free water bottles are completely absent of any dangerous bisphenol A chemicals. This means that the water you put into the bottle is the only thing you'll be drinking.

Maximum Performance

Sports performance can be improved by following the correct sports nutrition guidelines. Read up on content related to carbohydrate loading before endurance events. We also recommend checking out info regarding fluid and energy replacement dynamics following endurance sports.