Hot Packs & Wraps

Our hot pack, wraps and heat therapy products are commonly used by physiotherapists in the treatment of sports injuries. Therapeutic heat can relieve muscle spasms, reduce pain and increase blood flow to the injured area. These therapeutic effects of heat speed up the healing process following a sports injury. Shop for hot packs as well as mouldable gel hot packs, instant heat packs, reusable hot packs, heat wraps, wheat hot packs and warm packs.

PhysioRoom Instant Heat Hot Pack
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Hot and cold therapy can be used for both different injuries and at different stages. Heat therapy is particularly useful post-injury when swelling has subsided but stiffness remains. It is not advised to use on fresh injuries.

Heating Pads

PhsyioRoom stocks disposable heating pads as well as reusable products. Whether it's to treat an acute injury or joint pain, a hot water bottle may not cut it. Instead, use a warm compress that can be better moulded to the affected site.

Heat For Muscle Pain

Heat packs can be effective for treating both chronic pain and sore muscles. Heat therapy works by dilating blood vessels. This allows increased blood circulation to stiff muscles that eases muscle tension.

Hot Packs & Wraps for Sporting Injuries

Our instant heat hot packs are ideal for use in the treatment of pain and muscle spasms. They work great in circumstances where you don't have access to an external heat source. They're ideal for issues such as neck pain, arthritis, back injuries and shoulder injuries. A hot pack can be carried on day trips and away matches where conventional hot packs aren't practical. Simply activate by squeezing an internal compartment within the pack. This starts a chemical reaction that instantly makes the pack warm and ready to use.

We also have reusable hot packs which can be applied directly to the skin. Each heat pack will remain at optimal temperature for up to one hour. This allows you time to administer treatment on the move. The microwaveable heat pad will encourage blood flow to the area. This will improve circulation and promote quicker healing in damaged tissue to aid faster recovery. It's perfect for use prior to exercise, helping the body prepare for activity. Or, this product can be used post-event to minimise discomfort, soreness and aching.

Hot Packs & Wraps for Back & Neck Pain

Ease back pain with soothing heat therapy. These easy-to-use products can be applied on their own or alongside massage therapy. Together, they can help to provide back pain relief. By applying comfortable heat to the back, pain is reduced. It also targets muscle spasms and blood flow is boosted.