Weights & Strength Training

Strength training is one of the fundamentals in sports rehabilitation and general fitness. By increasing the strength of a muscle and creating a larger amount of muscle mass in the body, the metabolism is naturally raised. In this way, the skeletal system becomes better protected against injury. The PhysioRoom strength section contains a variety of muscle-building and strength-increasing equipment. These include dumbbells, resistance training aids and strength machines for home and gym use.

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Medicine balls and Slam balls are both types of weighted exercise equipment. They can range from 1-20kg. Exercises like squats, sit-ups, chest presses, lunges or rotational movements can all be enhanced with a weighted ball. Usually, Medicine balls are made from leather, rubber or plastic. They're designed to be used as a free weight in standard lifting exercises. They often have handles in place to make manoeuvrability easier. And they can be a great addition to improving functional movements to help prevent injury risk in sports.

In contrast, Slam balls are better suited for throwing exercises. They're made of tough rubber and extra-durable materials. They allow some bounce from hard surfaces when slammed against them. This makes them perfect for explosive, powerful movements. Slam balls can enhance cardiovascular endurance and hand-eye coordination.

This is due to the more dynamic exercises that can be performed with them. They also allow exercises to be carried out with a partner. You can do so by throwing, bouncing or rebounding the ball to each other. Like a medicine ball, slam balls can be used for a wide number of core and strength training exercises. You can incorporate the added benefit of extra upper body toning. Used mainly for throwing, the slam ball utilises fast, repetitive motions to increase coordination and balance.

Kettlebells and medicine balls are both pieces of equipment that can be used to add resistance to your workout. Kettle bells are usually made of cast iron or steel. They have a handle attached to the top whereas medicine balls are leather, rubber or plastic (with or without handles). And they're designed to be used as a free weight. Both items of equipment come in different weights. So they can both be used to add resistance to exercises like squats, lunges and rotational movements.

Often Kettle bells are more suited to swinging or ballistic exercises that involve more momentum and diversity. Medicine balls are designed to be held with both hands to enhance core stability and strength. Medicine balls are popular in team sports settings as they can be passed between partners during exercises. Kettlebells, on the other hand, are designed to provide continuous resistance throughout a movement. They target improvements in explosive power to help build muscle, improve endurance and increase flexibility.

A weightlifting belt can be worn during lifting activities to help stabilise the lower back and pelvis. This in turn reduces stress on the spine. They can also help to improve lifting biomechanics and performance. They do this by promoting muscle recruitment of the abdominal and core stabilising muscles. Lifting belts can help prevent injuries during weightlifting and powerlifting activities. They're useful for exercises like squats, cleans and deadlifts.

Shop PhysioRoom's wide range of fitness equipment today. See increases in muscle mass and range of motion when incorporating this gear into a range of exercises. Whether you're looking for weight lifting equipment or a weighted vest for aerobic exercise, look no further. Our strength training range has everything you need for high-intensity weight training.

Equipment & Machines For Training

Whether you're a personal trainer or just looking to intensify your workout routine, PhysioRoom has a piece of equipment to suit. Whether your goals as building major muscle groups' strength or tacking on lean muscle mass, this range has it all. Upgrade from body weight exercises to with all the weightlifting gear you need.

Give Your Muscles a Workout

One of the basic principles of strength training is that muscle improvement requires exercise against resistance. WHat's important is the size of the resistance and the number of times (repetitions) that this resistance is pushed by the body. This determines the effect that the exercise has. Higher repetitions equate to a greater increase in mass. And a low number of repetitions with a heavier weight equates to a larger increase in strength.

Kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls are a home or commercial gym must-have. They can be used in a variety of different strength training regimes and classes. They are great for allowing the user to isolate muscles for specified growth.


Kettlebells are said to have been first used by the Russian military. They provide a full-body workout when used for ballistic movements during which the centre of mass is extended beyond the hand. This replication of swing movements mimics real-world activities such as digging and hammer swings.


Dumbbells, on the other hand, allow the user to perform isolation movements. An obvious one is bicep curls. These help to stimulate muscle growth in a specific area. Or, they can be used to perform full-body exercises such as the Turkish Getup.

Medicine Balls

PhysioRoom's medicine balls are training aids which can be weighted with water or sand. They're used for exercises that develop and tone muscle groups within the back and abdomen. These then increase core strength and stability.

Our medicines balls are premium quality textured balls with a rubber surface for excellent grip and stability. They have rubber-weighted centres for good balance and are colour coded by size for easy weight identification. These medicine balls are perfect for circuit training and core strength exercises. They're also great for functional training exercises such as lunge and overhead reach. Or, they work for single-hand drills like a medicine ball swing. Use a medicine ball for exercises that require a strong grip such as fast standing rotations.

Strength Training At Home

Home fitness is majorly rising in popularity right now, with many people opting for this instead of buying a gym membership. Investing in equipment such as a pull up bar for home workouts, or a foldable rowing machine is the perfect choice to keep fit and get get strong from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, workout bands are a fantastic, and cost-effective way to build up muscle strength from home. They are versatile and many exercises can be performed using them, including stretching, bicep curls, and squats to name just a few!