If you've ever had sore feet caused by your shoes, then a new set of insoles are exactly what you need. Insoles offer a range of benefits. They keep the feet comfortable, reduce shock and prevent the development of foot disorders. At PhysioRoom we have insoles and relief pads of different shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs.

PhysioRoom PU Gel Foam Insole
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PhysioRoom Full Length EVA Orthotic Insole
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PhysioRoom Dual Colour TPE Gel Insoles
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PhysioRoom Shock Absorbing Foam Gel Insoles
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Foot Pain Relief in all Sizes

We stock a huge range of shore insoles with multiple size options all at affordable prices. For foot care and effective relief from flat feet, check out our insoles or keep reading for more information.

Full-Length Insoles

Our wide range of Full-Length insoles incorporates the latest orthidic technology. They're the perfect solution to your everyday demands. Our removable insoles feature a number of different features and benefits. These include preventing sports injuries and assisting rehabilitation for a number of conditions.

Such conditions include: Fallen Arches, Shin Splints, Pronated Foot, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Runners Knee, Osteoarthritis of the hip joint and knee joint, Tibial Stress Fractures, Blister Prevention, Foot and Back Pain.

The position of the foot is hugely important in the biomechanics of the lower leg and beyond. Like a house, the foundations need to be strong. If the arch has fallen it can lead to knee pain, hip, back or other pains that spiral up the body. Using an insole can help reduce excess strain to joints up the kinetic chain.

Plantar fasciitis insoles and arch support insoles relieve and redistribute the pressure caused by fallen arches or flat feet. Orthotic insoles are designed to relieve plantar fasciitis pain. They will help you feel more comfortable when walking or moving.

Sports Insoles

When you're participating in sports, performance insoles are a great way to support your feet. They also prevent any foot conditions due to ill-fitting boots or sports trainers. In addition, insoles can help manage any existing conditions.

Our selection of Sport Insoles are a great way to find the support you need. Many injuries can stem from malalignment of the foot and cause the knee, hip or back to take more strain. Improving foot posture can relieve an overload of pressure on the mentioned joints. Textured shoe insoles also provide grip inside the shoe to prevent chafing.

Our shock-absorbing sports insoles have energy dispersion systems. These allow the insoles to absorb the shock and impact on the heel and forefoot during the landing phase of each and every motion. They're designed to reduce fatigue, improve athletic performance, and reduce pressure on the ankle joint, knee and hip. These insoles are a must for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

High Foot Arches 

We also have arch support insoles that offer support and stability to those with medium or high arches. Like a fallen arch, an arch that is high can also cause excess strain to the muscles surrounding the foot. This includes the Plantar Fascia and the Gastrocnemius and Soleus complex.

Our insoles for high arches and sports shoe inserts are moulded from long-lasting, durable polyurethane foam. This provides structural support which helps to maintain superior shock-absorbing benefits. In turn, that provides increased comfort and helps to reduce injury incidence rates.

Everyday Comfort

Prolonged walking or standing can not only lead to sore and tired feet, but also to flattening of the arches. Everyday shoe insoles can help in everyday work shoes to alleviate pain and discomfort.

PU gel foam insoles provide superb cushioning and excellent thermal insulation. Comfortable to wear, the gel insoles are breathable, wick moisture away from the skin and absorb odour. This makes them ideal for walking, hiking and athletics.

Gel Insoles

Our range of Gel Insoles significantly increases comfort. This is acheived by incorporating layers of soft gel to maximize shock absorption. This will ease the tension on the ball of the foot and heel area. This area can often become painful with excessive standing or walking.

Our gel insoles work by absorbing shock and impact in the forefoot and heel. They also help to stabilise and support the feet. They reduce fatigue, improve athletic performance and ensure that pressure on the ankle, knee and hip is reduced. Performance gel insoles feature heel cup and arch support for comfort and protection.

Shock Absorbing Insoles

TPE Gel Insoles trap shock waves at their source to cushion the foot from impact like no other insole. Providing optimum comfort whether walking, hiking or running, the durable gel insoles feature a contoured design and sleek fit. We also have durable gel foam insoles with a massaging wave system.

The grooves in the gel act like tiny springs to absorb impact on pressure points in the heel and the ball of the foot. Designed to provide additional cushioning and stability, the gel insoles support the arch of the foot for maximum comfort.

3/4 Length Insoles

Our Three Quarter Length shock-absorbing insoles and gel insoles are excellent for all-day comfort in work shoes. Such insoles also prevent and treat sports injuries.

¾ length insoles can provide firm arch support to the foot and help with flat, low or fallen arches. Orthotic arch supports reduce pronation and supination for improved stability. Comfort 3/4 length insoles are perfect for everyday use in tighter-fitting shoes. Each insole sticks to the shoe and can easily be removed and transferred to another pair.