Walking Braces & Splints

Walking braces and walking splints are a fantastic innovation in the treatment and management of leg injuries. These may include: Shin, Tibial, Cuboid, Fibula, Cuboid, Navicular, Talus, Metatarsal and Jones Fractures. They can also help with Broken Legs and Feet. Or with Ankle Surgery Rehabilitation.

PhysioRoom Air Ankle / Foot Fracture Walker

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PhysioRoom Air Ankle / Foot Shield Walker

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PhysioRoom Deluxe Air Ankle / Foot Fracture Brace Walking Boot Short

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PhysioRoom Light Air Ankle / Foot Fracture Brace Walker Short

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PhysioRoom Light Ankle / Foot Fracture Brace Walker

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PhysioRoom Plantar Fasciitis Dorsal Night Splint Support

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Walking Braces & Splints

For injured feet, shop PhysioRoom's walking brace range. Choose between a low ankle brace or a full leg brace with lots of brands and levels of support on offer.

Walking Splints for Broken Ankles and Legs

Our range of Walking Braces and Splints are designed to protect your injury from further damage. They also help you manage your recovery and rehabilitation period. Shop for a low air walker for an ankle fracture. Medical boots allow you to still function during weight-bearing activities on your feet.

Broken Foot Recovery

PhysioRoom & Aircast walking braces are lightweight removable plastic casts. They provide as much immobilisation and protection for fractures and broken bones as an old-fashioned plaster of Paris cast.  But, because they're lightweight and removable, they're much more comfortable for the patient.

Buy a Medical Boot

Simply undo the velcro on these walker braces to remove them for washing and bathing. This makes walker brace boots much more hygienic. Rehabilitation exercises can then be performed under the supervision of a physiotherapist. By regularly doing these rehab exercises injuries can recover faster.  For severe ankle injuries, a medical walking boot may be recommended by your doctor.

Ankle Brace or Leg Brace?

A suitable ankle brace will help to immobilise the ankle joint to aid recovery. But for ankle sprains and foot pain you may want to look at our foot care range. Shop that range for compression options like an ankle sleeve to help during sport or everyday activities. For leg injuries, a walker may be required. Speak to a physical therapist if you need help choosing the best support for your condition.