• SPORT: Principles of Training

    Despite popular belief, there is a key difference between simply working out and training; a goal, a workout regime and a program that follows the principles of training. Toby Cryne explains the key training rules that have helped him through marathons, triathlons and Muay Thai fights over the past few years.

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    Could this be the World’s next Strongest Man?

    One of the biggest upcoming events on the sport world calendar next month has to be the World’s Strongest Man competition which will see strength athletes from around the globe competing for the title. With approximately five weeks to go we’ve been invited to follow the training plan of UK qualifier Jack McIntosh. We start our series by getting to know a bit about Jack.

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    Gym Essentials For Your Home

      1. Gym Mat Stretching before and after your workout is a must so having the right space to warm up and cool down is highly important too. A gym mat provides a soft surface which is not slip, transportable and easy to clean. Why not try a gym mat that is made to a … Read more