Knee Supports & Braces

A knee support or knee brace should be used following a knee injury, knee surgery and during rehabilitation. They help to provide stability, support, and ease pain on your journey back to full fitness and mobility. At PhysioRoom we have a wide range of knee supports available, so whether you need an ACL knee brace, a knee brace for skiing, or even a knee brace for arthritis, we are sure to have what you need. 

Compex Anaform 2mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve Support
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Compex Anaform 4mm Neoprene Open Knee Sleeve Support
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Donjoy Hinged TRU-PULL Advanced Knee Brace
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Mueller Hg80 Sports Knee Brace
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Mueller Hg80 Premium Knee Stabiliser Brace
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RDX K1 Gel Padded Knee Protectors
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Compex Trizone Knee Compression Sleeve Support
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PhysioRoom Hinged Ligament Support Knee Brace
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PhysioRoom Adjustable Sports Knee Support
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PhysioRoom Wrap Around Hinged Knee Brace
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Mueller Hg80 Premium Hinged Knee Brace
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Compex Bionic Knee Brace Support
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Each knee support and brace that we offer here at PhysioRoom is designed for a specific knee injury or condition. They all have different designs and purposes. Hinged Knee Braces are ideal for recovering from medial collateral ligament injuries (MCL) and lateral collateral ligament injuries (LCL).

They can also be used to support arthritic knee joints. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries may get more support from the PhysioRoom Hinged Knee Brace due to the configuration of its straps.

The effectiveness of a knee support depends on the type of knee injury that you have sustained. Then, whether or not you have the correct support for the problem. There is strong evidence for the use of graded loading and strengthening exercises in the pain management of a variety of knee conditions (including arthritis).

A knee support is used as an aid in the management of your condition. It is hoped that the support and confidence that it provides you will enable you to keep active and commence strengthening exercises. In acute injuries, you'll usually start with a supportive hinged brace and then gradually wean down to an unhinged brace or compression sleeve as your knee improves.

Knee sleeves provide valuable compression in the knee, which means pain and swelling can be substantially reduced. They work best when used in conjunction with gentle exercise. Wearing a knee compression sleeve during sport will not only help ease pain, but it can help you return back to your best performance level. 

Knee supports are designed to offer different levels of support and can be found in all different shapes and sizes. Some supports are made from neoprene and offer additional support and breathability whilst playing sports, whereas others offer protection after specific ligament injuries such as ACL or PCL damage.

With any knee pain, you should seek an assessment with a Chartered Physiotherapist. They will help to identify individual weaknesses or biomechanical issues that could lead to pain. Strengthening the Gluteal muscles or improving ankle stability can also help to address knee pain and improve stability. In the meantime, wearing a brace can help to protect the knee from further harm and offload the stress it endures in day-to-day activities. PhysioRoom offers a large range of premium knee braces that can help reduce pain and discomfort from many knee injuries.

A torn meniscus can be an extremely painful injury. Wearing a hinged knee brace can help to protect the meniscus from further damage and pain. It can also support the structures around the knee to prevent the giving way sensation of the knee. A hinged knee brace is ideal as it offers protection and provides stability to the joint.

If your pain levels allow, it's a good idea to give yourself a break during the day from wearing a knee support. Like any brace, a knee support provides external support that can mean your body becomes reliant on that extra support. If worn full-time, the muscles, ligaments and tendons can weaken as a result. To prevent this from happening, take breaks from wearing it. And, unless you're in pain, it can be taken off in bed. Using a memory foam pillow to support the leg while you are not wearing a brace will continue to provide the required level of support and pain relief, without weakening your muscles.

If knee pain persists, it's a good idea to seek an assessment from a Chartered Physiotherapist. If the root causes are identified and addressed, the long-term injury risk will be reduced. Also, function may be much improved.

The Medial Collateral ligament (MCL) is a ligament that runs along the inside of your knee. It can be injured with twisting movements that can lead to symptoms of instability, pain and "giving way". The best way to diagnose an MCL injury is to seek an assessment by a Chartered Physiotherapist. They can diagnose the injury and differentiate the problem from other possible causes.

Hinged Knee Supports can help reinforce and protect the MCL after injury.

We have a range of knee supports that are suitable for a range of sports and exercises. Use them for everything from football (soccer) to rugby, running, martial arts, basketball and netball. These braces are suitable for all knee ligament injuries and meniscus tears. So be sure to take a look at our Sports Knee Supports to find the right support for you. Or, you might be looking for a product that can help you with the prevention and rehabilitation of ACL and other knee ligament injuries. Then look no further than our range of Hinged Knee Braces.

Knee Straps

PhysioRoom stocks many types of knee braces that can help to maintain blood flow during athletic activities. The elastic material of our neoprene sleeves and compression knee sleeves makes them breathable and comfortable, while not restricting you when engaging in physical activity. Our adjustable knee strap support range ensures maximum comfort and support for each individual, allowing you to tighten or loosen the strap to find your perfect fit.

Hinged Knee Braces

For more serious injuries, such as ACL or MCL tears, a hinged knee brace would be a suitable option. With greater patella control and stability, these allow you to continue with your everyday tasks as normal. Our hinged knee braces are designed with anti-slip technology, making them the most suitable and trustworthy choice for any serious knee injury. 

For Arthritis and Joint Pain

A knee brace for arthritis is essential for helping overcome pain and mobility issues in the knee joint. They provide stability whilst reducing stiffness, helping to enable everyday activities, ensuring your daily life is not impacted by the pain. Arthritis can cause painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints, so an open patella knee support can provide some much needed stability and breathability to you if you are suffering from this. At PhysioRoom, we have a wide range of specialised knee braces to help support you through your pain.

Knee Braces For Running

When taking part in sports that involve running, full mobility of the leg and knee joint is very important. Therefore, a knee support which is designed for breathability, and allows a full range of movement is crucial. An adjustable knee support is great for this, as you can tighten the brace for extra support and stability, or have it slightly looser for less intense activity.

Knee Braces For Skiing & Other Sports

While a knee brace for walking or running is important when recovering from injury, for other, more dangerous sports wearing a brace is important even if you are not suffering from an injury. A ski knee brace is a great investment for anyone planning to hit the slopes or partake in any other extreme sports. Many people often underestimate the danger involved in skiing, and ACL injuries are extremely common. Wearing a knee support brace will protect the ligaments, ensuring you enjoy yourself but stay safe while doing so.