Compression Clothing

Discover an impressive range of high-quality compression clothing here at PhysioRoom. We have a comprehensive collection of men's and women's compression shorts and more. Shop compression clothing including socks, tights, leggings, tops, vests, shorts and sleeves. Compression clothing has many benefits such as increasing circulation to your muscles. This can ensure your muscles are kept warm during exercise. The effects on performance can also help to prevent injury strain and fatigue Compression clothing can also help to reduce muscle damage caused on impact. Compression clothing will also wick sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes. Providing superior comfort, PhysioRoom's range of compression clothing offers protection and comfort for year-round training. Stay warm and dry whilst out training during the winter months and cooler during summer.

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Compression clothing helps aid recovery by improving the blood flow to worked muscles. This allows for greater circulation. It also helps through more efficient removal of waste products that can accumulate during hard exercise. Compression clothing can also help support aches and pains that have been sustained during a match or competition. It aids the removal of inflammation and further enhances recovery. They're ideal there isn't much rest time available between matches or competition. During tournaments, for example, compression clothing can be particularly useful.

Hamstring injuries, such as strains or tears, will often cause pain and inflammation. Depending on the severity of the injury, swelling or bruising can also be present. Compression shorts can help improve circulation to the area and alleviate these early symptoms of muscular injury. They do this by enhancing blood flow to help remove waste metabolites from the site of injury. Improved circulation also means that compression shorts are beneficial in preventing injury. This is done by keeping the muscles of the thigh and groin warm. When returning to activity after a Hamstring injury, wearing compression shorts can help to provide support and improve confidence.

Most compression shorts can be worn alone. But due to the tight fit, people often prefer to wear them underneath another layer of clothing.

Compression clothing can be worn during the night to aid recovery. You can do this to improve the circulation of oxygenated blood after heavy bouts of exercise or due to an injury. Using compression at night is often a personal preference. They're not designed to be slept in. Therefore, some people find the tight-fitting nature of compression clothing too uncomfortable and restrictive overnight.

Compression underwear is worn to help support the muscles around the groin and hip. These can become pulled or strained during exercise, especially when kicking actions, changes of direction and sprinting are needed. Some compression garments like as long sleeve tops and compression leggings can be worn as underwear underneath other garments. They can help enhance circulation, keep muscles warm and prevent injuries.

Compression clothing can help keep muscles warm to aid muscle recovery after exercise. For example, compression pants and compression shorts for hip pain are perfect for combat sports and running. Compression technology is especially suited to training gear wear making it perfect for sports activities.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts and lycra shorts may also be known as neoprene shorts. You might also see them called warm pants, lycra pants or under shorts. They're used by professional and recreational athletes in the treatment and prevention of groin, hip and hamstring injuries. Compression wear can also help stop exercise-induced muscle damage during physical activity.

Compression gear is also used in the conservative management and rehabilitation of Gilmore's Groin and sports hernias. These injuries are fairly common injuries in kicking sports. This is due to large stresses being placed across the front of the pelvis. Warm pants and compression pants can provide support, warmth and compression. This can then relieve pain and other symptoms.

Made for Athletes

Discover a great range of external compression sleeves for both legs and arms at PhysioRoom. Extremely comfortable to wear, compression sleeves are designed to help recovery following injury and sporting exertion. They do this by improving circulation and lymphatic flow which reduces muscle fatigue. Compression sleeves have a graded compression to help disperse waste products from muscles and improve blood flow.

Available in a range of sizes and styles, durable compression sleeves are made from a lightweight, breathable material. This also means that they conform to the body. The breathable material wicks moisture away from the skin to keep the user dry. The great effects of compression garments make them more than worth it for athletes.

Compression Garments

Our extremely comfortable to wear compression tops and vests are designed to be used in an array of sporting situations both indoors and outdoors. They're designed to maintain the correct temperature during activity. Plus, compression gear stimulates blood flow to keep the muscles warm. This helps with athletic performance through improved strength, power and endurance whilst minimising the risk of injury.

High Level of Compression

Compression Tights & Leggings are specifically designed to promote blood circulation in the leg. Compression tights and leggings keep the user warm and dry. They also assist in the distribution of power and muscular strength. Compression tights and leggings are ideal for use during the cooler months. This is because they can be worn underneath a variety of garments such as football shorts.

Performance and Blood Flow

Compression leggings and tights cover the entire leg and promote blood flow from the core to the toes. They also wick moisture away from the skin to keep the user dry and at a comfortable temperature. They not only reduce the risk of injury but to help prevent rubbing and chafing. When used after intensive exercise, compression leggings and tights improve blood flow to the working muscles. This helps to prevent the build-up of lactic acid to ensure a faster recovery.

Available in Various Sizes

All our compression wear, from a pair of compression shorts to sleeves and top, are all available in a range of unisex sizes.