Gym Equipment

PhysioRoom can help you find the right gym equipment for your needs. Shop this range if you're setting up a commercial fitness studio for group classes. Or, loo for quality products for personal training sessions or building a home gym. Explore our range of weights and strength training products to for kettlebells, gym balls and more.

Squat Assist Machine
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12-in-1 Exercise Rowing Machine With Twisting Seat Function
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PhysioRoom Interlocking Puzzle Gym Mat
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Roman Chair & Back Extension Bench
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PhysioRoom Kettlebell 4kg - 20kg
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PhysioRoom Core Muscle Trainer
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Leg Exerciser & Thigh Toner
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PhysioRoom Elite Exercise Abdominal Roller Wheel with Auto Return Function
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PhysioRoom Rotating Push Up Handles
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PhysioRoom Pull Up Bar
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PhysioRoom Medicine Slam Ball 4kg - 20kg
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Elite Folding Abdominal Arm & Leg Trainer with Screen
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A multi-gym is any equipment providing two or more variations of exercise that can be used in the home. Multi-gyms are a fantastic way to stay in shape without the need to travel to the gym before work. A home gym takes the stress out of the workout. Allowing yourself to be completely focused on the task at hand and engage in a beneficial, effective workout. The home multi-gym industry has grown immensely over the last two decades. With constant improvements in technology and quality, the machines now on offer at PhysioRoom are top of the line.

Plyometric training includes bounding exercises. These are designed to exert a strong, rapid force from a position of full extension to full flexion. This is so that the targeted muscle is maximally contracted throughout its range. The explosive nature of Plyometric training helps to increase power. It's often used by athletes including sprinters, team sports players, high jumpers and long jumpers. A plyometric box is a versatile box that can be used to perform different plyometric exercises. With adjustable heights, a soft-landing plyometric box can be an ideal training tool to help improve speed and power. It can also help to prevent injuries by replicating explosive movements such as those executed during a match.

Shop PhysioRoom's range of gym equipment for home or commercial use. We've got everything you need to start a high-quality home gym. Or, supplement your existing equipment with quality kettlebells, medicine balls and more.

Weights and Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell exercises are fantastic for improving range of motion whilst training. Kettlebell workouts can be used to either isolate muscle groups or target the full body. The aerobic element associated with these workouts can improve fitness levels. They can also be used in classes or to help rehabilitate after injury.

Fitness Equipment

If you're a personal trainer, then you need somewhere reliable to purchase your workout equipment. You might need exercise mats for classes. Or, you might want a specific piece of equipment for cardio workouts to add to your gym space. Whatever you need, shop for a quality product with a compact, durable design.

Resistance Bands

Shop our band, loops and tubes range want to incorporate resistance bands into body workouts. These work with resistance levels rather than weight and are great for low-impact workouts.

Commercial Gym Equipment

It's well known how important it is to build up muscle mass and strength in sports rehabilitation and general fitness. And here at PhysioRoom, we've got a great range of excellent commercial and light commercial cardio equipment. This includes exercise bikes, rowing machines and more. We also have a range of kettlebells. These are ideal for increasing your strength whilst creating muscle definition. They help to tone and shape your body. All our exercise equipment is medically approved. It's made to a high quality to ensure long-lasting use well into the future. Whether you own a gym or are looking to build one at home, look no further than PhysioRoom.

Gym Flooring

Protect your free weights from impact damage with various levels of fitness flooring. At PhysioRoom we have flooring and mats ideal for a variety of different uses. Use them in professional sports facilities, free weight and general fitness areas. At PhysioRoom we stock something for everyone.