• Top 5 Triathlon Injuries

    Regardless of whether you’re a world class athlete or you’re just looking to get in to the sport, preventing and treating triathlon injuries is vitally important. A lot of triathlon injuries are over use injuries that require rest to recuperate, something one can ill afford is looking to get up to speed for competition. That’s … Read more

    Three running must-haves for your feet

    Whether youֲe taking part in a marathon or joining your local running group, caring for your feet while youֲe on the move is essential. Sealed tightly in a pair of specialised shoes while supporting your body weight with each step, your feet go through a lot while youֲe running and you canִ afford any sort … Read more

    Team Emotional Triathlon Fast Approaching

    As the saying goes Քime waits for no manՠor in our case waits for no Team! Here we are only days away from our flagship event – The Big Ben Nevis Triathlon – and members are already proposing a truly Emotional day, and I havenִ even mentioned the heavy rain forecast outlined by the Met Office.

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    Team Emotional @ PhysioRoom.com

    So then here we are again, 3 weeks since my last post but, am I 3 weeks fitter?? Hmmmmɠhard to say, but I doubt it ɠYou see, I֭ like a classic car in a way, wrapped up from the cold throughout the winter, stored in a nice warm protective environment scared to leave in case the best of the British weather chips away at my elegantly defined paint work and clogs my engine with the gritty remnants of an ice cold winter to forget. My knees hurt, my lips practically fall to bits and the whole experience is unpleasant to say the least. However, the tide is a turning and with it comes a new dawn, a new found surge of energy and enthusiasm; and like my faithful Red Jaguar 1971 E Type, I֭ out of the blocks spitting and spluttering along. Slowly but surely I֭ dragging my body kicking and screaming out of the doldrums into an athleteֳ world.

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    Welcome to the PhysioRoom.com Blog

    Welcome to the PhysioRoom.com blog. Members of the PhysioRoom.com team will be updating the blog with our sporting participation though the year. Yearֳ resolutions for the year ahead. Getting fit is at the top of my list. This month I have signed up to two events which will both involve a certain amount of training ... Read more