Ice Packs & Wraps

Ice therapy is a great first aid treatment for sprained ankles, strained muscles, knocks or falls, and for pain relief following surgery. Instant ice packs are vital for the acute treatment of sprains, strains and bruises when there's no freezer or ice available. These are essential items for any first aid kit or pitch-side physio bag.

We all remember the days of holding a pack of frozen vegetables on an injury - well those days are long gone. Now you can get instant cold pain relief with the variety of ice packs and cold therapy products at Physioroom.

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Cold Packs, Cold Therapy and Ice Packs

Our range of Ice Packs & Cold Wraps can be used in the early (acute) stage of a sports injury. Use them to relieve pain, prevent swelling, cool tissue temperature and prevent further tissue damage. By controlling pain and swelling, these ice therapy products can speed up sports injury and surgery rehabilitation. Because they're 'instant', you don't need access to a fridge or freezer. These packs don't need ice, they work thanks to a chemical reaction that happens once you twist the pack.

Pain Relief from Sports Injuries

You can use ice packs to treat the following injuries across the body:

  • Most kind of post-surgery recovery.
  • Neck injuries caused by whiplash, stiffness or arthritis.
  • Ankle and Foot Injuries with symptoms that include swelling, bruising and bleeding. 
  • Shoulder injuries such as dislocated shoulders, rotator cuff injuries, bursitis and broken collar bones.
  • Knee Injuries including cartilage tears, knee ligament injuries, and joint pain.
  • Arm and elbow injuries like sprains, muscle tears, fractures and bruising.
  • Thumb and wrist injuries such as sprains, repetitive strains and fractures.
  • Sports injuries under the umbrella of back pain, spasms, bruises, rib injuries and back pain.
  • Pain, swelling and bruising to the hip, thigh and hamstring.
  • Calf & Shin injuries such as shin splints, calf muscle strain, and Tibia and Fibula fractures.

You can choose to treat any of these injuries through ice therapy or cold therapy. Ice therapy works to minimise pain, swelling, bleeding and bruising to the body while being simple to use. Cold therapy can be applied as a reusable hot/cold therapy pack, an instant ice pack, or an ice bag.

By controlling pain and swelling, ice packs, ice wraps and cold bandages can speed up recovery from a wide range of sports injuries.

Muscle Treatment

Ease sore muscles with a reusable ice pack or a cold gel pack. They're a great way to promote blood flow and fill blood vessels, therefore promoting healing and faster recovery. The temperature of a cold pack provides instant relief. Ice is a great treatment option for acute pain in the muscle or muscle spasm, especially when holding the ice for a period of time.

Fabric Ice Bags

Our fabric ice bags are the classic method of applying cold therapy. Ice cubes or crushed ice are placed inside the bag and the fabric is moistened with cold water. The ice bag can then be applied as a cold compress for the treatment of sprains, strains and bruises. Ice therapy using ice packs and bags is an established treatment during the early stages of injury to relieve pain, reduce swelling and speed up rehabilitation.

Our gel ice bags are a handy injury aid. Small enough to fit into any gym bag or first aid kit, they're ideal for on-site injuries and direct response. An ice bag allows the user to treat acute or chronic pain and help reduce pain and swelling during the early stages of injury.