Boxing & MMA

Both Boxing and MMA have seen a recent surge in global popularity. And this has spawned many different exercise classes like Boxercise and Box Fit. At PhysioRoom we now stock a range of Boxing equipment and MMA equipment for the serious sparring athlete and the Boxfit enthusiast alike.

PhysioRoom Speed Skipping Rope

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RDX K1 Gel Padded Knee Protectors

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RDX HW Professional Boxing Hand Wraps

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Boxing & MMA

Whether you're just starting out in boxing or MMA, or are a trained professional, PhysioRoom has products to help. Improve your skillset with our fitness equipment range. Or shop for products to allow you to run classes, like exercise mats.

Protection is key in combat sports. So keep yourself protected when training with boxing hand wraps hand wraps and padded knee training guards.

And to browse commercial gym equipment that we have available, head over to our gym equipment and home fitness categories.

Boxing Equipment and Protective Gear

Shop for boxing hand wraps and MMA gear with PhysioRoom. We have traditional wraps to offer extra protection and training gear for individuals or boxing clubs. Get the most out of your training sessions whilst ensuring maximum protection for yourself and others. And get your workouts in with our range of boxing aids like jump ropes before actual sparring.