Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy products at PhysioRoom are designed to help improve hand function. They do this by increasing grip strength, improving dexterity and re-educating fine motor skills. The range includes stress balls, squeeze balls, resistance twist bars, and hand grip exercisers.

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Hand strengtheners are used as part of hand therapy and physiotherapy rehabilitation. This can be following hand, finger or wrist injuries. Hand and grip strengtheners can aid the treatment and recovery of many injustices and conditions.

Hand strengtheners are hand therapy tools which are used following an injury or as a treatment for conditions which affect grip strength. The benefits of home exercise programmes incorporating hand grippers and exercisers are important. This is because they allow the patient to progress between physiotherapy sessions. Consult a physical therapist for the best results.

Regular use of hand therapy equipment can help increase hand strength, build muscle and aid injury recovery. This includes hand and grip strengtheners, hand therapy balls and therapeutic putty. These products are fantastic for improving hand function by improving grip strength. They also improve dexterity and re-educating fine motor skills.

Browse our great range of Hand Therapy products to help you improve muscle strength throughout your hand and wrist. We offer a variety of exercise products that focus on strengthening a specific muscle area. Each aid also comes with various levels of resistance. Perfect for injury recovery or strength training.

Wrist Exercises & Grip Strengtheners

There are a number of ways in which you can increase wrist and grip strength at Physioroom. We have specific hand and grip exercisers that can be used in a grip workout. Alongside this, we also stock therapeutic squeeze balls. These can be used both in effective exercises to aid grip training and for stress relief. Any of these methods will allow you to increase muscle strength around the wrist.

Wide Variety of Treatment Aids

In our wide range, we have products to help with finger, hand and wrist injury recovery. Return to everyday life by training muscle strength with stress balls. Or increase wrist strength with one of our grip exercisers. We also have flying disks to help you increase forearm strength. Whatever it is you're looking to strengthen and help recover, we have a piece of equipment to help you. 

Unlock a Range of Motion

Increase wrist, arm and finger dexterity with our equipment. Finger stretchers or a finger exerciser will help you strengthen individual fingers. Or increase wrist flexibility with our massage products and twist bars. These products are all designed to focus on strengthening individual muscles or muscle sets. This allows you to quickly increase your flexibility.