Fitness & Gym Equipment

Here at PhysioRoom, we have a great range of commercial and home gym equipment. Create your own dedicated workout space and take control of your fitness. We have a everything from weights to yoga accessories to suit every sport. Shop for home fitness equipment UK with PhysioRoom.

PhysioRoom Shoulder Pulley

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PhysioRoom 15kg Weight Vest

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PhysioRoom Push-up Bars

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Black Foam Barbell Pad 45cm

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PhysioRoom Weightlifting Gloves

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Kettlebell - 6kg

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Barbell Clip Lock Collars

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Kettlebell 8kg

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Black Weightlifting Straps

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PhysioRoom Pull Up Bar

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Foldable Arm/Leg Pedal Exerciser

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PhysioRoom Mini Trampoline

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What's The Best Home Gym Equipment?

Low-impact and easy-to-house items that are versatile are best for home gyms. These could include something as simple as a skipping rope and boxing gear which allows you to do circuits. Or, you could upgrade to resistance bands which will open up a whole world of exercises. You could also invest in a machine that allows you to work our multiple areas like both legs and arms. A pedal exerciser suits home gyms very well.

All our exercise equipment is medically approved and has been made to a high quality. This helps to ensure a long-lasting usage life. You might own a gym or be looking to build one at home. Either way, you can find everything you need in PhysioRoom's ultimate range of gym equipment.

Strength & Muscle Training

It's well known how important it is to build up muscle mass and strength. This goes for both sports rehabilitation and general fitness. And at PhysioRoom we have a wide range of weights and strength training products to help you build up your strength. Take a look at our dumbbells, smith systems, bars & weight discs and more.

This range has been curated to find compact workout equipment that can be used in the home. It includes exercise wheels, pull up bars and push up handles. It also includes aerobic equipment and much more. We also have Yoga and Pilates equipment which can help you with your practice at home or at the gym.

And you can carry out strength and muscle training in a number of ways.

Weights Workouts

We also offer weighted gym accessories and abs trainer/weight benches. Lifting weights helps to build muscle mass and definition. This occurs when your body replaces damaged or torn muscle fibres. These "myofibrils" then result in muscle hypertrophy.

Resistance Exercises

Resistance bands and equipment can also help to improve grip strength and physique. Here, you're increasing the resistance level and time under tension for your muscles. In this way you can improve overall strength. At PhysioRoom we offer a wide selection of bodyweight products. Everything from our elastic band selection to sliding discs for core resistance workouts.

Body Workouts

But you don't need heavy weights to hit all major muscles. Try incorporating bodyweight exercises into your workout routine. It can be a great way to increase definition and reduce strain. This type of workout can isolate muscle groups or work your entire body. Bodyweight workouts are great for training high-intensity sports. These may include boxing and MMA.

Gym Equipment

We also offer many high-quality pieces of equipment. These are suitable for home or professional gyms. Shop from everything you'll need to get started like exercise mats to weighted hula hoops.

Gym & Medicine Balls

One of the staples of any full-body workout and rehab are Swiss, gym and medicine balls. Improve your fitness levels and strengthen core muscles. Simply incorporate practise balls into any aerobic exercise. A yoga ball could end up being one of the most versatile pieces of workout equipment you purchase.

Exercise Machines and Bikes

If you're looking for a stationary bike or a piece of equipment for your lower and upper body, you'll find it here. We have cardio machines that cater to both at a reasonable price.

Start Your Fitness Journey Today: Be Your Own Personal Trainer

No matter what your fitness goals are, our range of fitness and gym equipment can help. We offer varying weight options for everyone. Remember to consult a physical therapist before engaging in any strenuous activity.