Here at PhysioRoom, we have a great range of commercial and home gym equipment. Create your own dedicated workout space and take control of your fitness. We have a everything from weights, to yoga accessories, to gym machines to suit every sport and every fitness goal. 

Adjustable Weight Lifting Belt
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Squat Assist Machine
£84.99 Was: £122.99
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12-in-1 Exercise Rowing Machine With Twisting Seat Function
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PhysioRoom Interlocking Puzzle Gym Mat
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PhysioRoom Mini Trampoline
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PhysioRoom Kettlebell 4kg - 20kg
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Roman Chair & Back Extension Bench
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PhysioRoom Core Muscle Trainer
£25.49 Was: £35
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PhysioRoom Medicine Slam Ball 4kg - 20kg
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PhysioRoom Balance Trainer Cushion with Pump
£30.79 Was: £48.56
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PhysioRoom Wooden Wobble Board - 40cm
£10.49 Was: £16.99
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PhysioRoom Weight Training Power Bag
£13.49 Was: £18.79
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All of our home gym equipment is designed to be stored away easily when not in use, meaning that no matter how big or small your workout area is, you will not be limited to what exercises you can perform, and what gym machines you can buy.

Either foldable, compactly designed, or small and lightweight enough to be safely stored away, PhysioRoom fitness equipment is the perfect choice for any size workout space.

Weightlifting provides incredible benefits to both physical and mental health, so it is definitely an exercise that we would recommend incorporating into your workout routine. Lifting weights can improve strength, improve posture, improve confidence, and reduce the risk of injury during other physical fitness activities. 

At PhysioRoom we have weights for all fitness levels, so no matter whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned weightlifting veteran, there is something for you in our strength training at home range. 

When recovering from an injury, doctors and health experts will often advise that you perform physio exercises at home as this will help speed up the recovery period, by strengthening the affected area. Using gym machines during physiotherapy can be very affected, as with a machine you can target specific muscles, control your movements better, and alter the resistance levels with ease to increase the benefits, while reducing the risk of injuring yourself further.

At PhysioRoom, our home gym equipment and machinery provides numerous health benefits, for a whole range of needs. Whether you are looking to build muscle and bulk out, or use it as physiotherapy equipment to strengthen your muscles and joints after injury, our equipment is the perfect choice.

All pieces of PhysioRoom exercise equipment have been medically approved and made to a high quality to ensure a long-lasting usage life. Whether you own a gym, are looking to build one at home, or just want to start exercising more, you can find everything you need with our ultimate range of fitness and gym equipment.

Kettlebell & Weight Sets

We have a wide range of weightlifting equipment in our gym equipment catalogue, with kettlebells, medicine balls, and weight bars ranging from 4KG to 20KG for all strength and fitness levels. Lifting weights has been proven to not only improve strength and physique, but also improve confidence and reduce stress levels, so no matter what level you are at, incorporating weights into your workout routine is a must. 

All of our weights can be purchased individually or as part of a set, making them the perfect choice for beginners or people who are uncertain as to whether they want to commit to a full set of weights immediately. Either purchase all weights at once, or start low and work your way up through the different weight levels. Additionally, our weights can be used at home, at the gym, and outdoors, and are small, compact and easy to store away when not in use, meaning no matter how big or small your workout space is, our weight sets will fit in nicely.

Ab Exerciser Equipment

Our range of fitness and gym equipment contains multiple pieces that focus on toning and strengthening your core. Ab benches and rollers are a great choice for people who are looking for a flatter tummy or more prominent abdominal muscles. Like all of our fitness equipment, our ab benches are foldable making them easy to store away when not in use, and our ab rollers are small and lightweight for easy transportation and storage too. 

Resistance Band Exercise

Adding resistance bands into your training sessions are a great way to target more muscle groups, and perform a wider range of exercises every time you work out. With adjustable resistance levels, you can change the difficulty and intensity of your workouts with ease, depending on your goals. Starting off at a lighter resistance level, and working your way up to the heaviest resistance is a common path that people follow when incorporating resistance band exercises into their routine, and this is great for improving muscle and joint strength, as well as being an extremely cost-effective way to workout.

At PhysioRoom, our range of exercise bands are great for fitness workouts, but also for physiotherapy exercises. Strengthening muscles and joints after an injury or surgery is very important in the recovery phase, and using resistance bands is a great way to target the specific muscles and areas of the body that need strengthening. So whether you are using them for stretching, building muscle mass, or regaining strength in a joint, you can be sure that PhysioRoom resistance bands are the perfect choice.

Home Gym Equipment

For people who are just starting out on their fitness journey, committing to an expensive gym membership is often not feasible, especially with gym membership prices constantly on the rise. All of our home gym equipment at PhysioRoom is designed to fit in effortlessly to your living room, your hallway, or wherever your dedicated workout space in your home is. The compact, folding design of our machines, benches, and equipment makes them super easy to store away when no longer in use, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of the gym from your own home, and at a fraction of the cost.

No matter what your goals and targets are, PhysioRoom will have the right workout equipment for you. With a whole range of home workout equipment differing in weights, resistances, and exercises available, you can be sure to achieve your fitness goals with us.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

The versatility of our fitness and gym equipment range ensures that you can perform your exercises from wherever in the world you are. Tie our resistance bands or gymnastics rings to a tree or goalpost, lay our fitness mats down on the grass or sand, or take on any surface with our running and swimming accessories. When exercising outdoors, our blood pressure lowers, providing both physical and mental benefits. Our stress levels reduce, and our capabilities and maximum performance levels increase, making it the perfect combo.

At PhysioRoom, our mission is to empower recovery and optimise performance, and our outdoor fitness equipment range does just that. Be unstoppable this year with PhysioRoom.