• How To Avoid Neck Pain and Back Pain While Camping

    Camping is a fantastic way to get some fresh air and experience the great outdoors. However, the idea of sleeping in a tent can be very off putting for people that tend to suffer from back pain or neck pain. If this is you, then fear no more because PhysioRoom has the solution for you! … Read more

    Emma Raducanu Injury Nightmare Continues

    It was a weekend to forget for British tennis sensation Emma Raducanu, who saw her 2024 Wimbledon campaign come to an unexpected end at the hands of New Zealand’s Lulu Sun. Having levelled the fourth round match at one set apiece, an untimely slip on the Centre Court grass stopped all of Raducanu’s momentum, causing … Read more

    Wimbledon Injury Crisis: Will Andy Murray & Novak Djokovic Recover In Time?

    The 2024 Wimbledon Championships have been rocked by some unwanted injury news. Legends of the game Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic are both racing against time to be fit for this year’s Championships, and fans across the world are desperately hoping that they will see their heroes step out onto Centre Court this summer.  With … Read more

    Back Support Solutions: Comparing Posture Correctors, Lumbar Braces, and Back Belts

    Comparing Posture Correctors, Lumbar Braces, and Back Belts

    In our fast-paced world, sedentary lifestyles and demanding physical tasks are the norm. However, our backs often bear the brunt of our daily activities. Maintaining good back health is crucial, and this cues for back support solutions. In this article, we’ll focus on three main contenders: Posture correctors Lumbar braces Back belts Understanding the differences … Read more

    How to Wear a Lower Back Support Belt

    How to Wear a Lower Back Support Belt

    In our fast-paced lives, it’s easy to overlook the well-being of our lower backs. Sitting at a desk for hours. Engaging in physically demanding tasks. Either way, that lower back area often suffers silently. That’s where a lower back support belt steps in as a trusted ally! In this guide, we’ll uncover this simple yet … Read more

    What Is A Back Support Belt?

    Back pain is a common ailment that affects millions of people worldwide. To alleviate discomfort and provide support, individuals often turn to back support devices like back support belts and back support braces. While both options offer assistance for the back, it is crucial to understand the differences between a back support belt and a … Read more

    How to Treat Hyperlordosis

    A person living a sedentary lifestyle may develop lumbar hyperlordosis. The human spine is made of 33 bones stacked one on top of the other, forming an S-shape when viewed from the side. It’s the part of your body that gives you support, flexibility, and proper mobility. Although naturally curved, excessive curvature can result in … Read more

    PhysioRoom’s Top 5 Golf Injuries

    It’s Ryder Cup Weekend! The nature of golf means repetitive stress injuries are always on the cards. We’ve seen players like Tiger Woods quite literally break down from these injuries. The unnatural movements and places of strain/pressure in golf add up to create the perfect injury storm. That’s why here at PhysioRoom, we’re going to run … Read more

    Top 5 Most Common Cycling Injuries

    It’s time to take a look at some cycling injuries! ————————————————————- The 2018 UCI Road World Championships get under way this Sunday with our very own British team aiming for glory. Simon Yates, fresh off a victory in the Vuelta a Espana will be at the forefront of the mean’s team along with his twin brother … Read more

    Best Back Supports for Sciatica

    If you’re over a certain age or if you’re an active adult, you’ve likely experienced back pain caused by sciatica. At your desk, at the gym, just picking up the post in the morning can become an ordeal, after which you hold a general area of your back where you think the pain, might be, … Read more