Sports & Running Accessories

If enjoy running and outdoor sports, this is the perfect range of products for you. The sports accessories at PhysioRoom can help you improve your experience and performance. From high-vis clothing and running hats to water bottles and hydration packs, we've got you covered.

PhysioRoom Weightlifting Gloves
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Ultimate Performance Gloves
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Uzspace BPA Free Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser - 530ml
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Uzspace Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask - 480ml
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Our wide range of running accessories has been designed to make your life easier when you're outside exercising. Our running hats and gloves will keep you warm and dry during the coldest weather.

Running Clothing

High visibility clothing is an important safety item for runners and cyclists. Reflective, fluorescent and LED high visibility products can make runners and cyclists more visible to drivers and other road users. This can reduce the risk of serious injury on the road, making high visibility clothing a vital running accessory, particularly during the dark winter months.

To improve blood flow and reduce muscle soreness, shop our compression clothes range. These items feature breathable fabric - perfect for the avid runner. High-quality materials keep you cool whilst ensuring adequate blood flow. And check out our compression socks for added foot care.

Having the right clothing is important when running all different distances. For advice on how to start long distance running, visit our blog.

Water Bottles & Hydration Packs

If you're out getting your heart rate up, then you need to stay hydrated. Shop from PhysioRoom's BPA-free water bottles now.

Training Accessories

Carry a mobile phone, keys, an iPod and other essential small items easily with a waist pack or running belt. Waist packs or bum bags are a handy piece of running equipment. And they're essential for 10ks, half-marathons or marathon runners. Secured items safely in the zip-up bag. Then simply fasten around the waist during the event. They also give you room to carry energy sachets and protein bars when out running.