Back Pain Relief

Back pain affects up to 80% of the population during their lifetime. Conditions such as Sciatica, lumbago, herniated disc and slipped discs are all common. But so are facet syndrome, sacroiliac joint pain, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc diseases. PhysioRoom offers a range of back pain relief products to address these problems. These include TENS Machines and back support belts. We also stock quality chair supports. And for rehab, we have aqua areobic products, as well as hot packs and pain relief products.

PhysioRoom Back Brace Support
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Rehabilitation exercises following back surgery for severe back problems are important. These include surgeries like discectomy, spinal fusion or microdiscectomy. These exercises help to emphasise good posture and improve back care. Ensure you follow advice from your medical professional following surgery or an injury.

Treating Back Pain at Home

As well as physical therapy treatment for the pain, supports and braces for the back are important. Supports and braces for the neck can also be very effective. And a back stretcher is a must for people who have to sit for prolonged periods. This is a portable device that places the back into a position of extension and helps to prevent and treat back pain.

Pain-relieving gels and sprays that contain ibuprofen can also help. These contain a pain-killing substance that's also an anti-inflammatory. Massage oils and muscle rub can also soothe tension and pain that's due to back muscle spasms.

Prevent back pain by using a posture corrector or office chair support. These should be used when working at a desk or sitting for extended periods. Back supports for chairs support the spine. They also help to relieve pressure and promote better posture. A memory foam pillow can also help reduce and prevent back pain. Our range of pillows for back pain help you stay in a good position when sleeping. By relieving pressure from your back, they can help you to get some rest.

For Physical Therapy and Exercise

Many of our back supports and braces can be used to deal with muscle pain during and post-exercise. They can be worn during physical therapy and for short- and long-term pain. Or, use them simply to aid with daily activities and body functions.

For Bad Posture

Poor posture is a common problem nowadays. If you spend a lot of time at a desk, you may be sitting in unnatural positions, putting strain on your back and causing bad posture and back pain. If this is you, invest in a back brace for posture from our wide range of back supports and braces. Great for both at home and in the workplace, our back supports work to relieve back pain and correct poor posture, which in turn can result in relief from a host of other problems that it's causing. 

For Chronic Pain

Our range of back relief products can be used for chronic pain and acute pain alike. For effective pain relief during exercise or the workday, check out our braces and supports. Or, for tight muscles and to combat the onset of pain symptoms check out our back patches and rollers.

Treatment Type

For serious nerve pain, back and neck pain, consult a chartered physiotherapist or medical professional. For issues concerning the Sciatic Nerve, for example, they may recommend a combination of hot and cold therapy. They may also recommend posture correctors or a back brace. And, they'll be able to recommend an exercise plan to help with rehabilitation.