Foot Pain in the bottom of your feet can be one of the most frustrating things you can ever suffer. What is it? Why are they hurting? Why do I feel like I’m walking on glass when I get out of bed in the morning? Foot Pain Causes Well there’s a number of conditions that […]

Ankle Taping is just one of many body parts that can be secured for prevention and treatment of sports injuries. There’s a vast array of different techniques used not just for each body part, but for each area of injury themselves, depending on the condition. We must point out, this is no alternative to visiting […]

How to Remove Kinesiology Tape So now you’ve got your tape on and you’ve gotten that extra support during your chosen sporting acitivty, it’s time to take it off, so let us ease the process of removing kinesiology tape for you. The best tip we can offer when it comes to removing your kinesiology tape […]

Kinesiology Tape Jobs Have you ever wondered how an athlete actually tapes themselves up for competition? Those tape jobs with pieces of Kinesiology Tape elaborately shaped to help with certain injuies are often hard to work out. That’s why we’re going to show you how to tape some of the simplest parts of your body […]

Do you find it hard to recover from football injuries? Big game coming up and don’t want to miss out? Well let us tell you about the Soccer Supplement Injury Recovery Formula. IR90 is an all-in-one formula to help speed up your recovery from injury. Made from no less than five active ingredients, including Collagen, this […]

You’ve heard of Kinesiology Tape, or K Tape as it’s commonly known, but how exactly do you use it? Let us run you through the basics. Before we start, here’s a few terms to be aware of: Anchor – The correct terminology for the end of the tape, usually the last two or three inches. […]

You’ve seen sportsmen and women wearing Kinesiology Tape, or K Tape as it’s often known, and maybe you’ve thought “Hmmm, what does it actually do?” Well that piece of blue, pink, black, or whatever colour tape they’ve chosen to match their outfit, has a number of unique benefits:   Easy to Apply: Kinesiology Tape can […]

Muscle Stimulators & Bodybuilding When Peter Dewhurst first stepped out on to the stage during the latest iteration of the Mr.Pennine Bodybulding competition, he could be forgiven for being a little nervous. After all, this was the first time he’d ever set foot on one; bronze clad, lights shining down, eyes fixed on his every […]

It’s Ryder Cup Weekend! The nature of golf means repetitive stress injuries are always on the cards. We’ve seen players like Tiger Woods quite literally break down from these injuries. The unnatural movements and places of strain/pressure in golf add up to create the perfect injury storm. That’s why here at PhysioRoom, we’re going to run […]

It’s time to take a look at some cycling injuries! ————————————————————- The 2018 UCI Road World Championships get under way this Sunday with our very own British team aiming for glory. Simon Yates, fresh off a victory in the Vuelta a Espana will be at the forefront of the mean’s team along with his twin brother […]