Taping and strapping are used by physiotherapists, athletic trainers and sports therapists alike. Sports tape is used in the treatment of sports injuries. It's also used to provide support for injured joints and soft tissues. PhysioRoom has a variety of high-quality kinesiology tapes, cohesive bandages and more. Let us help you to manage both the risk and injuries that athletes face.

PhysioRoom Kinesiology Tape
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Invented by Dr. Kenzo Kase, Kinesio tape is made from a blend of cotton and nylon. This makes it stretchy enough to move with the skin's natural elasticity. This allows for a full range of motion when in use. It's also water and sweat-resistant. When in use, the slight recoil from the tape is said to create space between your skin and the tissue underneath. It can stabilise and apply light pressure to the affected area.

If you're experiencing any of the following, you should not use wraps or tape. When you have open wounds or blisters. If you suffer from deep vein thrombosis. If you have reduced sensation in any areas or areas that have recently undergone surgery. Where your skin is fragile and prone to breaking.


Different Types of Strapping

Our strapping tape selection provides a wide range of taping, strapping, and bandages for all sorts of injuries including both sports injuries and general everyday injuries and pain. Depending on your needs, our strapping range can provide you with all the aid needed to ensure you are able to make a speedy recovery.

For injuries and wounds that require compression, strong support and stability, our Elastic Adhesive Bandages range is your best bet, while for muscle injuries and taping for use in sport, you should visit our Kinesiology Tape range.

For Joint Support and Compression

Perfect for use both during sport, and in injury recovery, our elastic adhesive bandage range provides strong support to the joints to help limit movement and aid in the healing process. You can apply the adhesive bandage directly to the affected area which provides targeted compression for greater support.

We have a wide range of elastic adhesive bandages here at PhysioRoom, ready to support you in your injury management and recovery.

Support Without Restriction

Our kinesiology tape provides muscular support, consistent compression, and allows a full range of joint movement when taking part in sport or other physical activity. Unlike traditional taping, strapping, or bandages, this physio tape supports muscles and ligaments without the restrictive effects of conventional wraps, making it the perfect choice for helping muscles recover, without restricting movement or activity.

Traditional Bandages

Our cohesive bandages are an excellent choice for a compression bandage. Applying this can help to limit bleeding and swelling within a joint, helping to speed up the recovery process. These more traditional bandages are able to hold dressings in place and provide an adjustable level of compression, without sticking to the skin, making them a very popular choice.

For Minor Injuries 

For muscle and joint support for minor strains, sprains, and injuries our finger tape is the perfect choice of sports injury tape. Strong, high quality, and suitable for multiple areas of the body, our finger tape has been developed by sports medicine experts and conforms easily to whatever body part is being taped for ultimate support.

For More Serious Injuries

For situations where strapping tape for injuries may not be the right solution, be sure to check out our supports and braces range. With supports for all sorts of injuries, ranging from compression sleeve supports to thumb brace supports, we have everything you need for those more serious injuries where you need even more support, compression, and stability than our sports strapping tape can provide.