• The Body You Want

    This week I will be talking supplements, more specifically female nutritional products in˴he hope of trying˴o help you achieve the body you want and to dispel the notion that protein supplementation is not only the stuff of the male species.


    Jack McIntosh˨as launched a range of sports supplements “specifically designedˡnd targeted for women”, explained the British Strongman competitorˡfter realising the market was in need of a shake-up. Pink Protein aims to educateˡnd assist in providing formulas designed for everyday female living.

    “Many women perceive foods that are rich in protein as being high in calories or fattening,” says director of nutritional sciences Laura J. Kruskallˡt˕NLV. And as such many female diets present protein deficient symptoms includingˡnd not exclusive to thinning or brittle hair, pale skin, general weakness, slow healing and difficulty sleeping.

    The word հroteinՠis derived from the Greek word meaning հrimary֊and was generally believed in early science to be the fundamental nutrient in maintaining the structure of the body. This important խacronutrientՠis a component of every cell and essential building block which is paramount for hair, nails, skin, muscleˡnd blood regeneration.

    A well-balanced diet canˡnd will often help you lose weight, with high-protein meal replacement shakes you feel more satisfied with decreased appetite ‘fuller for longer’ when compared to high carbohydrate / high fat diets. Pink Protein shakes contain an energy kick which encourages your body to moveˡnd when combined with activity your weight-loss results will be maximised, without additional additives or sugars. The range is currently available in two natural flavourings: Fruity Beauty and Cheeky Choc in a low-carb diet pack or a lean and toned pre / post-workout drink.

    Ensuring your body is getting enough protein is a way of maintaining a healthyˡnd vibrant life, modern-day living can be hardˡnd looking after your body can sometimes be even harder. The Pink Protein range facilitates a convenientˡnd affordable opportunity to meet your needs whilst helping to achieve the body you want.


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