Calf & Shin Supports

We tailor our shin & calf supports available at PhysioRoom for physiotherapy treatment. Injuries to the calf and shin can often occur in activities as simple as running. That's why it's crucial that you equip yourself with the best products to prevent them. Use our products to speed up your recovery process. Protect against common injuries around the calf and shin with Physioroom.

Compex Anaform Neoprene Calf Sleeve Support
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Compex Anaform Neoprene Shin Splint Support
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PhysioRoom Compression Calf Support
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Shin splints are often caused by overactivity of the larger and more powerful calf muscles. This can cause a muscular imbalance, tension and pain. Compression sleeves help to ease this tension in the calf muscles. They can also help to improve circulation in the lower leg. This reduces inflammation and provides support for both the calf and shin muscles.

It's a good idea to seek advice from a Chartered Physiotherapist. They can make recommendations based on your individual injury.

Running can exacerbate the imbalances that can lead to shin splints. It does this by overworking the larger, more powerful calf muscles. This causes tension around the weaker muscles at the front of the shin. It is not advisable to keep running without treating the splints in some way.

Rest can often allow inflammation and pain to settle. But it can do so without addressing the root cause. But stretching the calf muscles or using a massage stick to ease tension can help improve shin pain. Seeking advice from a Chartered Physiotherapist can be hugely beneficial. They can help you keep running whilst not making symptoms of shin splints worse.

Taping methods can be very effective in reducing painful symptoms of shin splints. KT Zinc Tape can be effective in reducing swelling and improving circulation to the shin. This will help to minimise pain and discomfort.

It can a good idea to use a massage stick foam roller on the calf muscles behind the lower leg. An imbalance between these larger muscles and the smaller shin muscles can cause symptoms of shin splints. Ice wraps can also be beneficial in reducing inflammation and pain around the shin.

If shin problems persist, seek an assessment from a Chartered Physiotherapist.

Lower leg injuries often result from muscular imbalances. These can build up over time. Muscles work in pairs. This means if one group is overworking (for example the calves) the opposing muscle group (shin) can experience strain and tension. This can lead to injury.

Sometimes foot posture is to blame for these imbalances. Insoles may be advisable to help improve the position of the foot and offload the lower limb muscles.

Calf & Shin Supports

Provide crucial support or get much-needed pain relief with our quality lower-leg supports. Select from calf, shin, or foot-and-leg compression socks or sleeves. These help relieve pain from shin splints. They can also ease leg cramps and provide support during physical activity. We design our products to feel natural to wear and give you the support you need.

Whether you're looking for a calf compression sleeve or a plantar fasciitis sock you'll find it here. We tailor our products from lightweight, breathable fabric. Adjustable compression products are also available. Our fantastic supports ease pain, give a wider range of motion, and get you back to your best!

Treat splints and strains with PhysioRoom

At PhysioRoom we're proud to help customers overcome injuries to their shin or calf. We provide ideal support for a huge number of injury needs.

To help prevent future injuries to your calf muscle, take a look at our dedicated calf supports. If you're seeking a pair of socks that prevent injury and speed up recovery, take a look at our compression socks.

Calf Supports

Our range of Calf Supports are a great way to both aid the recovery from past injuries and prevent future ones too! In our range, you'll find calf supports. These help with conditions such as Calf Strains, Shin Splints, and Compartment syndrome.

Our most popular supports provide dynamic compression and support to the entire calf. The warmth provided by the neoprene support provides therapeutic heating. This promotes local blood flow. This prevents Calf muscle injuries and promotes healing where damage has occurred.

An adjustable calf sleeve allows for individual compression to the calf and shin region. This provides firm, even support whilst promoting healing. The compression also stimulates circulation to reduce the likelihood of cramps and stiffness.

Shin Splints Supports

Our range of Shin Splint Supports provides therapeutic heat and compression to the shin. This helps to prevent and treat shin injuries. Our neoprene wrap-around designs protect against shin splints, calf strains and muscle tears. It achieves this by supporting the anterior and posterior muscles of the calf.

You could also try an adjustable wrap style calf support. This will help provide firm support and promote healing. The compressive element of the material also stimulates blood flow. This prevents the build-up of lactic acid both during and following activity.