• Time to Kick Start Your Fitness Drive

    Did you over indulge during the festive holidays? Got a New Year’s resolution to begin a new fitness plan? Or do you need to relaunch your general workout? Whatever the scenario PhysioRoom.com has just the right combination of guidance and equipment to get you ready!

    Reach your goal for 2012

    Our new exercise range includes all that you will need to build a personalised range of portable gym aids, so you can workout at the location of your choosing!

    As well as stocking all the standard gym products (such as Swiss/Gym Balls) which you can use at home, we also have seriously professional equipment like the PhysioRoom.com High Power Vibration Plate.

    All items here at PhysioRoom.com are suitable for those new to exercise, and seasoned athletes. Many products come with varying factors such as resistance to increase the challenge of your exercise routine as you gain confidence, agility and strength.

    Such products include PhysioRoom’s very own Resistance Band, Loops and Tubes which come in gradual levels of resistance to help you develop your fitness at the speed desirable to you.

    And, after all the hard works done, you can use our relaxing Massage & Skincare items!

    Not sure where to start?

    Have you seen our YouTube channel? FIY – there’s loads of videos demonstrating products from our Rehab & Fitness range and how to use them. Click the videos below or visit our dedicated channel PhysioRoomVideo.

    Happy exercising!


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