Kinesiology Tape

Our kinesiology tape is a super thin, highly elastic therapeutic tape which provides support and compression for sports injuries, muscular tension and joint distortions. K Tape supports your muscles during sporting activities, addressing muscular tension and assist in lymphatic drainage. Plus, they can activate the endogenous analgesic systems and help correct joint problems. There's almost nothing kinesio tape can't do!

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Kinesiology tape was originally invented by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor, in the 1970's. He designed it to closely support muscles and joints during everyday, leisure and sports activities. The key feature of Kinesiology Tape is that it provides compression without restricting movement. This is unlike other athletic or sports tapes.

Kinesiology tape can be beneficial in supporting injured muscles or joints. It can help to reduce pain caused by overuse or repetitive movements. KT is designed to be elastic and allow a degree of flexibility. This can help to offload painful structures and allow healing after an injury. Other benefits associated with KT tape include reduced swelling, pain relief and improved proprioceptive awareness.

KT tape can be applied in a "criss-cross" fashion to help provide a compression technique. This can also improve the drainage of swelling and metabolites away from the injury site. Postural benefits have also been found by applying KT tape to help re-educate muscles and joints. This is so that imbalances can be addressed, and the body allowed to adopt a better position to protect against re-injury. The long-term solution is to address the root cause of the injury and strengthen muscular and movement imbalances. But the application of kinesiology tape products can initiate this process. Then it can help to ensure the body can start supporting itself naturally.

Kinesiology Tape has a range of specific uses:

  • • Support muscles during sports activities
  • • Address muscular tension
  • • Assist lymphatic drainage
  • • Activate the endogenous analgesic systems
  • • Correct joint problems
  • • Pain management
  • • Decrease swelling following an injury

Kinesiology Tape can be used on a range of body parts including: shoulder, knee pain, ankle, wrist, elbow, shin, back and more.

Full Range of Movement

The main benefit of kinesiology tape in comparison to other sports tape is the ability it has to help relieve pain without restricting your range of movement. Kinesio tape is thin and extremely stretchy which allows a natural range of motion, ideal for athletes and people recoving from injury. 

K tape helps to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation by ever so slightly raising the skin, creating more space between your skin and the tissues beneath it. This helps to improve lymphatic drainage which helps swelling go down, and injuries to heal faster, by removing the fluids and all other materials that collect and build up in an injured area.

This makes kinesiology tape a great option for both the non-sporty individuals and athletes alike. As the primary benefit of kt tape is pain relief while still allowing a full range of movement, this is beneficial in both everyday life and in sport making kinesiology tape an extremely versatile option.

For Use During Sport

KT tape works to support your muscles and your joints while moving. Running, jumping and rapid changes in direction can often cause strain on muscles, but kt tape helps to reduce this. When taking part in sport or other physcial activity, ensuring your muscles and your joints are supported can provide both physical and mental benefits as you can perform to your highest ability, with full knowledge that you have full range of movement and supported muscles.

Applying kinesio tape to tired and fatigued muscles also helps to prevent cramps. Athletes will know that cramping up at a crucial moment in a match or a race is one of the worst things that can happen, by wearing kinesiology tape, muscle fatigue reduces, and blood flow increases, meaning you can gain the edge in those vital last moments. When the opposition are tiring around you, you can power on through.  

Health Benefits of KT Tape

Kinesiology tape and physio tape is not only beneficial in sport, but also for people recovering from injuries and illness in everyday life. For people that have recently suffered from a stroke, or are recovering from surgery, kinesiology tape can help assist weakened muscles by supporting the muscle area and increasing blood flow around the body. 

Easy to use and apply, kinesiology tape is a very handy piece of equipment for supporting muscles and improving health and recovery. For general rehabilitation equipment, our wide product range is great at promoting muscle recovery, and improving overall wellbeing.


K tape can be worn for several days after application, even during and after sports, showers and sleeping. The long-lasting, durable design means the tape can withstand multiple different activities and terrains, and also means the theraputic benefits of kinesiology tape can be continuously felt without needing to constantly replace the taping.