Taping and Strapping

Ankle Taping is just one of many body parts that can be secured for prevention and treatment of sports injuries. There’s a vast array of different techniques used not just for each body part, but for each area of injury themselves, depending on the condition. We must point out, this is no alternative to visiting […]

How to Remove Kinesiology Tape So now you’ve got your tape on and you’ve gotten that extra support during your chosen sporting acitivty, it’s time to take it off, so let us ease the process of removing kinesiology tape for you. The best tip we can offer when it comes to removing your kinesiology tape […]

Kinesiology Tape Jobs Have you ever wondered how an athlete actually tapes themselves up for competition? Those tape jobs with pieces of Kinesiology Tape elaborately shaped to help with certain injuies are often hard to work out. That’s why we’re going to show you how to tape some of the simplest parts of your body […]

You’ve heard of Kinesiology Tape, or K Tape as it’s commonly known, but how exactly do you use it? Let us run you through the basics. Before we start, here’s a few terms to be aware of: Anchor – The correct terminology for the end of the tape, usually the last two or three inches. […]

You’ve seen sportsmen and women wearing Kinesiology Tape, or K Tape as it’s often known, and maybe you’ve thought “Hmmm, what does it actually do?” Well that piece of blue, pink, black, or whatever colour tape they’ve chosen to match their outfit, has a number of unique benefits:   Easy to Apply: Kinesiology Tape can […]

It only takes a few seconds of watching rugby before you realise why there might be injuries involved. The sheer velocity at which some players travel across the pitch and collide with each other means that problems are inevitable and unavoidable. Rugby injuries occur more frequently during matches than during training. Due to the frequent […]

Ah the January fitness rush. Gyms across the nation become packed from wall to wall with patrons trying to shed the post-Christmas jiggles. Every step on the treadmill, every pump of the iron is mentally ticking off each chocolate, crisp and sweet they consumed over the holidays. For those in that position, and for those […]

What is Kinesiology Tape? Kinesiology tape was developed by Japanese chiropractor and acupuncturist Dr. Kenzo Kase in 1979. Motivated by the fact that standard taping and strapping methods often seemed to hinder rather than help the healing process, Kase wanted to improve circulation within an injured muscle by creating a tape which mimicked the effects […]

As always here at PhysioRoom we’re extremely enthusiastic about and committed to supporting our sports teams in any way we can. That’s why when Great British Ice Hockey got in touch, we were extremely excited about the prospect of some of our products lending a helping hand to our men and women’s continued success as […]

With the beginning of the 2016 Masters approaching, here’s our guide to the top five golf-related injuries, and how best to treat them.