• Pre-workout Stretches: How to & the Basics

    Pre-workout Stretch: How to & the Basics

    Pre-workout stretches are always a good idea. It preps up your body for a workout by warming up your muscles. If you’re short in time, it can be tempting to skip it and jump right into your routine. But did you know there’s a lot of value in taking just 5 to 10 minutes of … Read more

    Hamstring Strain (Part 2) : Early Rehabilitation Techniques

    So you’ve pulled your hamstring, you’re in pain and you want to get back to playing the sport you enjoy as quickly, as safely and as healthily as possible. Well you came to the right place; at least here we won’t get bogged down in discussions about what colour a dress is, the workings of … Read more

    Gym Essentials For Your Home

      1. Gym Mat Stretching before and after your workout is a must so having the right space to warm up and cool down is highly important too. A gym mat provides a soft surface which is not slip, transportable and easy to clean. Why not try a gym mat that is made to a … Read more