PhysioRoom's range of cryotherapy products is designed to aid in rehab and recovery following an injury. Utilising cold therapy, we have cryo cuffs that can be used for the ankle, shoulder, calf, foot, elbow, wrist and knee. Along with our cold bandages, you can have the best and latest in sports recovery to aid your rehab.

Cryotherapy Ankle Cryo Cuff Wrap
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Home cryotherapy can provide effective treatment of regular and sporting injuries. Find out how below.

Cryotherapy Treatment For Pain

Pain following an injury usually comes from muscle damage and swelling in the area. Cryotherapy can help to reduce inflammation and swelling. Whilst soothing muscle pain, the sustained cold also acts as a natural analgesic.

Recovery & Effects

A home cryotherapy kit represents a type of treatment that can be reused. Take it to sporting events, in your first aid kit, or simply use at home. This style of cold therapy machine allows for sustained pain management and tension relief. The health benefits and effectiveness of cryotherapy cannot be understated post-injury.

Cryotherapy Cuffs at PhysioRoom

Our first featured cryo products is the Cryo Cuff with Cooler. This is an easy-to-use device that circulates ice cold water to provide cold therapy in the treatment of injuries. We also have cryo cuffs designed for use on specific body parts. Our range features cuff for the knee, ankle, shoulder, calf, foot and arm. Cryotherapy is the best option in ice and compression therapy.

It combines the therapeutic benefits of controlled compression to minimise bleeding and swelling. Plus, it utilises cold to minimise pain. Each cuff is anatomically designed to completely fit the injured body part. Many elite athletes use these products following injuries and surgery. At-home cryotherapy can be used for the treatment of sporting injuries. These may include ligament sprains, cartilage tears, and ACL injuries. Cryotherapy at home is also effective following knee arthroscopy and knee surgery.

We also stock self-contained cuffs with no cooler required. Simply add water and ice and they will provide an hour of cold therapy. Compression is provided by inflating the cuff using the hand bulb.

In our hot & cold therapy range, we also have reusable compression bandages and ice packs. These should be applied soon after injury to allow the healing process to begin immediately.