Hot and cold therapy is an effective way to treat injuries on the track and field. But heat and ice packs for injuries are just effective at the office or at home. Ice therapy is one of the most common methods in the care of sports injuries including knocks and grazes. Ice therapy can take the form of reusable ice packs, ice wraps and ice bags. Or, it can be advanced ice therapy treatments known as cryotherapy.

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Heat pads and packs can increase blood flow and decrease pain following muscle injury. By opening up blood vessels more blood and oxygen can reach sore areas. Heat therapy can also relax muscles and reduce spasms.

If someone if already dangerously hot or cold, do not use that same therapy on their injury. You should also avoid using heat or ice if the person has blistered skin or an open wound.

Ice can help to reduce soft tissue swelling and inflammation and help to reduce pain by numbing the area.

For relief from pain, shop PhysioRoom's wide range of ice packs for injuries and heat treatments. Reduce stress and swelling whilst improving recovery time. You can do all this with a selection of heat packs and cold therapies. Or, check out our cryotherapy at home range.

Cold Packs & Cold Therapy

Ice therapy is a great treatment for a sprained ankle and much more. It works for strained muscles, knocks or falls, and pain following surgery. When there's no freezer access or ice cubes, then instant ice packs are essential. They're perfect for the acute treatment of sprains, strains and bruises. Cold sprays such as freeze spray are also effective for pain relief of sports injuries. These work well when there are no other forms of ice therapy available.

So upgrade from the frozen vegetables and a bit of duct tape today. Pick up a cold gel pack or reusable ice pack from PhysioRoom. We have a range of cold treatments for common complaints like shoulder pain. There's no need for ice baths anymore with our effective treatment products. Or, for when stiffness and flexion are a priority, check out our hot therapy range.

Heat Packs & Heat Therapy

Heat treatment is effective in easing aches, pains and stiffness. Hot packs are available as heat packs, hot compresses and reusable gel packs. These can be warmed up in the microwave to provide therapeutic heat. Heat packs can help with lower back pain and healing muscle injuries. They can also help with joint stiffness and arthritis. Heat therapy works by relieving pain and reducing muscle spasms. It also improves circulation to the injured area.

Home remedies like hot baths can help to open up blood vessels and increase the blood flow to sore muscles. But a heat wrap or magic gel with a consistent and targeted heat source is likely to give you better results.

Cryotherapy Products

The use of cold packs or a cold compress is often referred to as cryotherapy. But cryotherapy at home is a bit more sophisticated than simply putting a bag on ice on the injured area. A cold therapy system like a cryotherapy arm fills with ice and water. Then, it provides longer-lasting, more acute treatment.

Health & Sports Injuries

These treatments work for anything from minor injuries to muscle pain. Hot or cold therapy is likely to be suggested by physical therapists for at least a period of time. Your required treatment will depend on the injury, though. Think, hot therapy for chronic muscle aches and cold therapy for new sprains and strains. So choose the product that best suits your needs from PhysioRoom's range. Effective pain relief ensured.