First Aid Kits

PhysioRoom's first aid kits and sports first aid equipment is perfect for a variety of uses. They're ideal for emergency aid during travel, at school, in the workplace, in leisure centres or at sports clubs. Bags, kits and kit refills are all available right here at PhysioRoom. Make sure you're fully prepared for first-aid situations with our versatile first aid kids.

PhysioRoom Portable Medical Mini First Aid Kit Bag
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Do you already have a first aid box or bag and just need a refill? Check out our first aid supplies range, perfect for replenishing your first aid medical supplies when you're running low. 

Emergency Kits and Equipment

We have a range of first aid kits from portable travel first aid kits to pitch-side sports physio kits. Easily find the right kit for your needs from our range of assorted sizes. The first aid kits contain everything you'll need for basic first aid treatment. They include everything from sharp/blunt scissors, powder-free vinyl disposable gloves, instant ice packs, rolls of sports tape, alcohol wipes, dressings, gauze, non-woven triangular bandages and much more!

For Workplaces and Sports

PhysioRoom Sports First Aid Bags are perfect for football, rugby, hockey, cricket, netball and many other sports. But they can also be used in the workplace. Packed with a variety of aid products and are perfect for treating common injuries wherever you are. Keep our compact first aid kits at home, in your car, office and suitcase. You can find a contents list for each kit on its product page.

Safety and Injury Products

We stock all of our first aid kits with an assortment of medical products that are designed for treating small injuries. All the aids we include are quality products in their own right. So there's no need to worry about unreliable aids when it comes to using the kits. We have easy refill packs of first aid equipment too.

First Aid Training

We recommend undertaking some form of first aid training before proceeding to use the aid items in the kits. These kits are excellent at treating minor injuries or minor wounds. But in more serious cases we recommend calling the emergency services or 111 for additional help.