• What Are the Best Piece of Home Fitness Equipment?

    What Are the Best Piece of Home Fitness Equipment?

    In our fast-paced world, finding time to hit the gym regularly can be challenging. That’s where home fitness equipment comes to the rescue! They offer the convenience of staying fit without stepping out the front door. And no matter your fitness level, having the right workout gear can make all the difference. This blog will … Read more

    5 Ways to Improve your Rehab & Fitness at Home

    So you’ve made the life-changing decision to get fit, but the thought of going to a gym with the smell of sweat and sound of clanging steel fill you with dread. Or it could be you’re recovering from an injury and need a helping hand make the process smoother. Whatever your need, PhysioRoom has some … Read more

    PhysioRoom’s Guide to Resistance Products

      Anyone looking to meet their fitness goals should always have resistance products as part of their workout routine. Resistance bands, loops and tubes have numerous applications that are suitable for training for a number of sports. Resistance training has over the years become part of, or has been incorporated in to any modern workout … Read more

    Guide to Resistance Training For Women

    Resistance training for women Personal trainer and fitness blogger Alexis Fletcher is back once again with more quirky insights into the world of health and fitness. Welcome to PhysioRoom.com’s guide to resistance training for women.     Many female clients come to me looking for a toned summer body look. But mention strength or resistance and they cower into the shadows ... Read more