• Jack McIntosh on Training

    We’re three weeks in to our interview series with Jack McIntosh. With the World’s Strongest Man competition taking place at the end of the month we focus today’s chat on his training schedule.

    The stats on Jack

    Age: 24
    Lives: Kendal, Lake District
    Height: 6’4″
    Weight: 23 Stone
    Bench: 240kg
    Squat: 310kg
    Deadlift: 410kg

    Training Special

    Where do you train?
    I train at the Muscle Factory / Mark Felix Training Yard in Blackburn.

    Do you train with someone or on your own?
    I work with my strength coach Dean Kent, he’s from Exertrain.

    What’s the key purpose of training?
    The main factors are to develop strength and mobility.

    So what does a typical weekly training plan involve?

    Weight hip bridges, Viking press, standing dumbbell push press, pin press, behind the neck pull downs, front squat and double hand wrap pulls.

    No training.

    High pulls, deadlifts, zercher deadlift, glute/ham negatives, good mornings, reverse sledge drag.

    No training.

    Upper back workout (body weight pull up, bent over rows, barbell, axel cleans). Cardio, sprints and resistance.

    No training.

    Event training this weekend is truck pull, dumbell press and the keg toss loading medley.

    How do you keep motivated while training?
    Every time I train that’s a step closer to being the World’s Strongest Man (WSM).

    Is there a particular WSM event you are working towards doing well in?
    Keg toss and loading are some events I think I can get a really fast time for.

    Does the type of training you do make you prone to any common injuries?
    Sometimes you get little tweaks and nips but using a foam roller every night and stretching keeps my body less prone to injury.

    Do you have any must-have products/items you cannot train without?
    My lifting shoes and weightlifting belt!

    Are there any dangers of people weight training without seeking professional advice first?
    If you have poor technique and lack of knowledge of lifting you are putting yourself in a lot of damage. Always have a spotter and train with someone who knows what they are doing.

    What tips would you give to people thinking about starting a weight training programme?
    Aways listen to your body, rest if you need to rest and train like a animal when you’re in peak condition!

    Today’s Recommended Product

    Massage (oil) – I have massage with a physio every week to keep my muscles relaxed. It helps to ease tightness and reduce latic acid build up after training.

    Today’s Weight Lifting Fact

    The keg toss is a world famous sport which typically involes throwing a 15.5 gallon beer keg.

    Today’s Food Fact

    Amino acids in lean protein are essential to a strength athletes diet. It’s this that helps to repair and build muscle.


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