Foot & Toe Protection

The Foot & Toe Protection range at PhysioRoom features a range of high-quality products. They're all designed to protect against and aid the recovery of blisters, calluses, corns and bunions. All these are formed by tight-fitting shoes and footwear that rubs. This provides a barrier between the shoe and foot to prevent injury. But foot and toe protection also makes existing blisters and skin damage more bearable.

Bunion Corrector with Ankle Straps - Pair
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Bunion Gel Toe Corrector - Pair
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PhysioRoom Gel Heel Protector Sock Support
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PhysioRoom Gel Toe & Finger Cap Protector
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Skin Damage Protection

Our toe and foot quality foot care products include protection for the skin. Ingrown nails can cause havoc for the tips of toes and for foot health in general. Our toe tip protectors can relieve the pressure pain of an ingrown toenail and relieve poor circulation. The breathable silicone material we use makes the aids comfortable to wear. It's also reusable silicone. Once you've healed one ingrown toenail you can save the aid for if that foot pain occurs again.

Foot & Gel Toe Protectors

Gel cushions for the ball of your foot help to reduce burning pain in that area. These also provide excellent cushioning and support during everyday activities. The gel heel cushions are especially handy for women wearing high heels. This footwear increases the pressure on the ball of the foot, which can cause a burning sensation, pain or discomfort.

Toe protectors have been traditionally shaped to fit snugly onto toes or fingers. This reduces friction and relieves pressure. Covered in a specially formulated medical gel, toe caps will provide soothing pain relief. Meanwhile, the enriched polymer material will soften and lubricate the skin. Manufactured from a transparent and flexible material, the protective caps can be worn discreetly. This means you can protect the toes even when wearing open-toed footwear.

Heel and Metatarsal Pads

Heel pads and protectors provide optimum comfort and support for those who experience regular heel pain. It's easily placed into the shoe around the section of the heel. It can be used during daily activity or exercise.

Metatarsal Pads are designed to absorb the pressures and forces from regular everyday activities. The absorbent pad provides a comfortable solution for painful foot conditions. These pads also gradually release nutrient-rich mineral oil. The oil reduces soreness and discomfort by softening the skin. The protector incorporates a flexible easy-fit toe loop. This securely fixes the gel cushion in position.

Bunion & Corn Pain Relief

We have a range of bunion relief products for the treatment and prevention of corns and bunions. Foot irritations such as these develop from wearing shoes which chafe. At PhysioRoom our range of products can aid bunion relief by reducing friction and improving shoe comfort.

Toe & foot protectors and bunion guards are designed to surround and cushion the toe. This alleviates the pain from corns and blisters. It also comforts sensitive skin and eases footwear pressure on the surrounding tissue.

Featuring a comfortable toe loop, the bunion protector is easily applied. It will remain securely in place protecting the area from further irritation and discomfort. The soft-cell material is durable and flexible. This makes it easily retain its shape, unlike similar foam-based products. This ensures the perfect remedy for bunion discomfort.

We also have bunion correctors such as the Hallux Valgus soft support. This helps with the discomfort, pressure and inflammation experienced by Hallux Valgus deformities. The support helps to immobilise the Hallux Valgus. This ensures uninterrupted healing of bunion protrusions. The support is adjustable to help maintain ideal toe and metatarsal phalangeal alignment. Constructed from lightweight, washable soft fabric. The support is also adjustable for comfort.

Blister Prevention & Healing

Blister prevention is important in all sports, particularly running and football, where footwear and activity can lead to blisters on the feet. Blisters are common in running and other sports. Blisters form due to friction against the skin on the feet, most often in the ball of the foot and heel regions. Blister prevention is always preferable to blister treatment. But if you do have to treat, PhysioRoom has you covered!

Blister prevention socks and trainer liners help prevent blisters when running, playing sports, or walking. The anti-blister socks have two layers. The inner layer stays with the foot, whilst the outer layer moves with the shoe. This eliminates friction on the skin and reduces wear. The unique mix of fibres helps to keep the foot dry and blister-free.

Silicone gel pads, toe protectors and foot protectors disperse and absorb impact pressure away from painful areas. This helps prevent blisters. Blister plasters offer instant pain relief combined with enhanced healing properties. Developed from hydrocolloid technology, these patches adhere securely to the base of the foot. This forms a second skin, that helps to protect open wounds from infection and bacteria. Compeed plasters will absorb moisture, keeping the damaged area clean and hygienic. They also remain fixed in place for up to several days.