• Insoles: Benefits and Mythbusting

    When people think of insoles, they often picture something like the image above, a doctor measuring up your feet up with a tape measure just before he asks you to wear 10 inch platforms. But not so, in fact, insoles are now such a common and vital component of both sports training and everyday life … Read more

    PhysioRoom’s Guide to Knee Braces

    Knee Braces – A Brief History Knee braces and supports are one of the most vital aspects of knee injury treatment and rehabilitation. Being able to run, turn, stop and start again is absolutely crucial to being successful in your chosen sport. That’s why braces and supports can make all the difference when it comes … Read more

    Five Dangerous Sports that werenִ’t in the Olympics this Year

    To become part of the Olympic programme a sport has to have an International Federation which guarantees that the sport follows the Olympic charter. There are twenty-five core sports that are always included but the games can showcase a maximum of twenty eight.

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    Olympic Profile Beth Tweddle

    South African born Beth Tweddle moved to this country when she was just eighteen months old. She is the most successful British gymnast of all time.

    At the London games she will be going for gold on the uneven bars. She has won the top prize in this event at the Commonwealth games, European championships, World Cup Finals and three times at the World championships.

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