• What Is a Knee Brace for Skiing?

    What Is a Knee Brace for Skiing?

    As any avid skier knows, the slopes can pose challenges to our joints, particularly the knees. So, in this guide, we will break down the mechanics of skiing and discuss the potential risks to your knee. We’ll also answer the important question: What is a knee brace for skiing? Understanding the significance of this support … Read more

    How to Wear a Knee Brace While Skiing

    How to Wear a Knee Brace While Skiing

    Skiing demands not just skill but also mindful protection of your body. Among the critical safeguards, ensuring the well-being of your knees takes centre stage. In this guide, we delve into the importance of knee supports in skiing. Discover expert advice and tips on choosing, wearing, and benefitting from them. Let’s ensure your skiing adventures … Read more

    What Is a Patella Stabiliser?

    What Is a Patella Stabiliser?

    The knee relies on an intricate balance to function seamlessly. At the heart of this complex mechanism lies the patella, commonly known as the kneecap. Yet, even this small bone can face instability, causing discomfort and mobility limitations. Enter the patella stabiliser, a known knee support hero in the world of orthopaedics. In this blog, … Read more

    What Does A Knee Brace Do?

    When it comes to protecting and supporting our joints, knee braces play a vital role. Whether you’re an athlete recovering from an injury or an individual dealing with chronic knee pain, braces or knee straps can provide the necessary stability and relief.  At Physioroom we know all about knee health and are here to help … Read more

    The Commonwealth Games

    The Commonwealth Games got under way on Wednesday, and while the 71 nations come together to joyously celebrate Britain’s colonial past, we thought it would be a good time to remind you of some common track and field, cycling and general injuries. It was the beloved Prince Charles who kicked off the pomp and ceremony … Read more

    PhysioRoom’s Guide to Knee Braces

    Knee Braces – A Brief History Knee braces and supports are one of the most vital aspects of knee injury treatment and rehabilitation. Being able to run, turn, stop and start again is absolutely crucial to being successful in your chosen sport. That’s why braces and supports can make all the difference when it comes … Read more

    What is a Ruptured Patella Tendon?

    So far throughout this year’s Wimbledon, injury has been a recurring theme. Leading up to the show-piece we were all sweating on the fitness of Andy Murray and have watched on, eagle eyed at how he walks between points. So it’s safe to say it was already in the consciousness of even the most casual … Read more

    Injury explained: Knee arthritis or Osteoarthritis (and how to live with it)

    Letֳ face it: once youֶe passed a certain age, things start to change a lot quicker than before. Every ten years or so, our body seems to evolve suddenly as if it is trying to show us that, despite the fact that our mind still thinks knows weֲe really young and cool, well, our body … Read more

    The diary of an unrestrained runner

    Went out for a great run tonight. It was fab. I was two seconds quicker than last night. It doesnִ sound like a lot but I am over five minutes quicker than when I first started. I feel so good. I know it is endorphins or something that goes to the brain after exercise but it feels so good. I feel fantastic!

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    Rick Plans a Skiing Holiday

    I’m due to embark on a skiing holiday with four friends to La Plagne in the French Alps. We booked the trip by scrolling through various online travel websites one night to find the best deal out there. To be honest it took us almost all night to find a good deal and settled with one we found on for 7 nights with transport and ski passes for the week included.

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