• Piriformis Syndrome Exercises Explained

    The Bane of Every Runner’s Life – Piriformis Syndrome Exercises

    Running can be a pain in the butt sometimes. If it’s not blisters, it’s niggling knees or misfiring quadriceps. And this weekֳ flavour is just as consuming: Piriformis syndrome. Equally as annoying standing up as it is sitting down, the condition can be pretty debilitating if not treated with the correct amount of humility and care. Piriformis syndrome exercises have become commonplace in many stretching routines such as my own. Yet still, the blighters hurt.

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    10 Olympic Sports to Try Out Yourself!

    Olympimania has taken hold of the country. The nation is going nuts with each new British success on the rowing lake, in the velodrome and on the track. After the wall to wall coverage is over with a bit of luck we will get off our couches, turn the TV off and participate.

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    My New Year’s Resolution. Stop leaving things so late..

    It has taken me until towards the end of January before I started my New Yearֳ health drive. In fairness I had cleaned up my diet after Christmas and have been eating healthily but have been a bit slow to get back to exercise three times a week. An ankle injury is now on the mend and have managed to get back into swimming in the last week and plan to return to my five aside team on Tuesday.

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    Team Emotional Triathlon Fast Approaching

    As the saying goes Քime waits for no manՠor in our case waits for no Team! Here we are only days away from our flagship event – The Big Ben Nevis Triathlon – and members are already proposing a truly Emotional day, and I havenִ even mentioned the heavy rain forecast outlined by the Met Office.

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