• Insoles: Benefits and Mythbusting

    When people think of insoles, they often picture something like the image above, a doctor measuring up your feet up with a tape measure just before he asks you to wear 10 inch platforms. But not so, in fact, insoles are now such a common and vital component of both sports training and everyday life that once you try some, you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without them for so long.

    That’s because modern shoes aren’t always designed with the comfort and correct anatomical position in mind, and that’s when insoles become an important accessory if you suffer from pain caused by a disorder, or if you’re looking to prevent any from developing to begin with.

    Insole Benefits

    Not only do insoles provide much needed pain relief for foot, ankle and leg injuries, they provide a wide range of benefits focused on aligning feet into a healthy position when standing, running and walking. Here’s a breakdown of the biggest benefits insoles provide wearers with:

    Help Existing Foot Disorders

    If you’re someone who already experiences pain and discomfort in the feet on a regular basis, insoles may be able to help treat the condition. Insoles are commonly used in the treatment of conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, knee pain, toe pain, Achilles pain and more.

    We recommend you consult your doctor or chartered physiotherapist before attempting to treat a disorder as there are many different types of insoles out there, all doing different yet similar things!

    Prevents Foot Conditions from Developing

    One of the biggest reasons to wear insoles is to keep the feet comfortable and prevent the development of foot disorders.

    Insoles have the unique ability to absorb foot pressure, be it standing, walking or running.

    That means if you wear insoles you can lead an active and healthy lifestyle without having to worry about conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, which as far as PhysioRoom.com are concerned, is thanks to the advanced technology used in the manufacturing process.

    PhysioRoom.com insoles are all designed with the best and latest technology. Made with D3O impact protection technology, great examples can be found in our Enertor Insoles.

    This patented smart material cushions the foot when moved slowly, but on impact the material locks together to absorb and disperse energy before instantly returning to its flexible state.

    d3o Technology

    A Flexible Foot

    If you put pressure on the feet while not wearing insoles, the often very thin tissues (or fascia) of the heel can become inflamed which will cause you to lose flexibility and be subject to a fair amount of pain.

    By wearing insoles that offer support to the fascia we can ensure the feet retain their flexibility and give quality support by preventing extra movement. Looking to protect your fascia?  Go online to find a selection of gel insoles for sale.



    This benefit is pretty simple. You’ll just all round be a lot more comfortable. Think of that time you got home from work with sore feet and decided to cancel plans because you needed to give them a much-needed rest.

    Well situations like these could be a thing of the past when you improve your overall comfort level!


    Shoes Last Longer

    One of the biggest benefits of using insoles is financial!

    Using insoles can reduce some of the wear and tear suffered by shoes, meaning they can support you for longer, meaning having to buy less shoes.

    Not only that, but wearing old worn out shoes can lead to pain developing over time, such as back pain because of a problem with the posterior chain caused by imbalances lower down the legs.



    Insole Myths

    Now let’s look at some common misconceptions you may or may not have about insoles…

    Softer = Better

    When people think of insoles, they often picture what is essentially walking on a pair of cushions. But not only are overly soft insoles ineffective, but they can often exasperate a problem.

    It may feel nice at first slipping those shoes with them in, on, but these type of insoles don’t fix the root problems, like misalignment of the feet.

    A good insole provides a mixture of support using harder and softer structures/areas, all of which worse together to reshape and realign your feet.

    Instant Comfort

    Much like our last myth, there seems to be a widespread belief that as soon as you buy insoles your feet should feel like you’re walking around in velvet slippers!

    Once you realise the real purpose of insoles, which is to actually fix the problems at the root and realign your feet, it becomes easier to understand why a breaking-in period is usually needed.

    Insoles apply pressure to the correct areas of the feet depending on your condition, when that pressure is transferred through the feet and up the legs, your muscle, tendons and bones need an adjustment period while they learn how to work together in the correct manner once again.

    Try gradually building up the wearing of your insoles by wearing them for shorter periods of time at first.


    Insoles are only for Foot Problems

    A big misconception about insoles is that they’re only to treat foot conditions.

    As we all know from the children’s song, every bone is connected to another, with the helps of some tendons and ligaments of course.

    As a species we are designed so that our body can move in unison. We may be collectively some way from that target given modern lifestyles, but our DNA and needs remain the same.

    When performing movements like running or jumping, the whole chain of muscles in the body are engaged and everything works together. So just like a machine, is one cog isn’t quite turning right, it will result in problems elsewhere. Absorb the shock of impact by opting for sports insoles.

    Insoles can help problems in the knees, hips and lower back. For example, a condition like shin splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome) can be caused by pes planus (flat feet) or pronated foot position (a lowered arch during running), which means an insole can help massively.

    Protect Your Feet & Legs with Insoles at Physio Room

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