• What are the Invictus Games?

    The Invictus Games got under way on Saturday with the commencement of the event’s opening ceremony. Watched on by the odd royal and/or celebrity, the 2017 Toronto games signalled their beginning at the Air Canada Centre, with spectators and competitors alike eager to get the real action underway. The 2017 games are the third to … Read more

    From Sochi with Love

    At a total cost of $51bn the Sochi Winter Olympics has been dubbed Լi>The most expensive games in historyՠ- Kozachok dancing away with a financial investment more than 3 times that of London 2012. Still, accepted financial abjection aside the unquestioned precedent has served up a familiar cocktail: Accusations of bribes, government kickbacks and dubiously matey construction contracts.

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    The Olympic Effect

    A survey has found that the Olympics has improved childrenֳ attitude to sport. Over half of primary school children have been inspired by London 2012.

    The study of 700 kids aged 8 to 12 found that 52% of boys and 55% of girls said the Olympics had made them feel like doing more sports. The desire of the Olympic organisers was to өnspire a generationӠand the early signs seem to show that they have achieved this aim.

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    Five Dangerous Sports that werenִ’t in the Olympics this Year

    To become part of the Olympic programme a sport has to have an International Federation which guarantees that the sport follows the Olympic charter. There are twenty-five core sports that are always included but the games can showcase a maximum of twenty eight.

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