• Record Red Cards

    The combustible Manchester United and Liverpool derby match at the weekend was inflamed by the red card given to Jonjo Shelvy.

    The red card was first used at the World Cup of 1970 as a language-neutral way of communicating that a player has to go. It has ever since added drama and spice to the game of football at both domestic and international level.

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    Five Exercise Tips That Donִ’t Work

    The Olympics has inspired a lot of people to get off their sofas, take off their slippers and put some running shoes on instead. People are hitting the gyms, the swimming pools and joining the sports clubs because the games has galvanised a nation.

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    Pre-Season Training for Professional Footballers

    After their holiday professional footballers all over the country have gone back to their clubs for pre-season training. It is an important time of the year for them as the hard work they put in now will build fitness for the season and can help them to avoid injuries.

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