• Five Dangerous Sports that werenִ’t in the Olympics this Year

    To become part of the Olympic programme a sport has to have an International Federation which guarantees that the sport follows the Olympic charter. There are twenty-five core sports that are always included but the games can showcase a maximum of twenty eight.

    In 2016 golf will be added to the list as will rugby sevens and the committee announced that windsurfing would be replaced by kitesurfing. Some sports though are too dangerous for the Olympics and probably donִ quite comply with the Olympic spirit.

    Swimming obstacle race

    This used to be in the Olympics and was incredibly dangerous. It was like the BBC show Total Wipeout only in the River Seine and athletes were fighting for a gold medal.

    To win the medal they had to climb over boats and swim under boats against the riverֳ current. Needless to say the possibility of accidents in such an event is huge and there were a few competitors who needed access to a first aid kit.

    Live pigeon shooting

    In 1900 the Olympics also included live pigeon shooting. This sport was particularly dangerous if you were a pigeon. Three hundred of them were shot to pieces by the competitors before the committee decided that live targets should not be used in the future.

    Base jumping

    This has never been an Olympic sport and it is highly unlikely the IOC would ever include it, as in many countries it is illegal. The idea is to jump off a tall building, bridge, antenna or cliff with a small parachute on your back and hope to land safely.

    It is reckoned to be the most dangerous recreational activity in the world. The injury and death rate amongst base jumpers is eight times higher than for skydivers.

    If it were not so dangerous it would be an amazing sport to include as the host city could show off its tall buildings in spectacular style.

    Bull riding

    This is rodeo for adrenaline freaks. Bulls are not happy creatures at the best of times. So when someone tries to ride them their mood is not improved.

    Horse riding can be dangerous and people who have come off horses have broken collar bones, ribs and arms. But if a competitor was thrown off a bull he really would need access to the physio supplies.

    Because when a horse unseats its rider it carries on running. If a bull throws off its passenger it will try and attack him or her.

    British Bulldog

    Generations of kids have played this game and it could be a great sport for the Olympics. But it has to be played on tarmac in shorts and there should be no protective gear whatsoever.

    The rules are simple. A couple of ӢulldogsӠare in the middle of the playground and players have to evade them and get to the other end. If they are caught the said dogs drag them off the side.

    You need a couple of big beasts in the middle ready to drag people violently to the edge. Competitors will suffer knee pain as well as cuts and bruises but a gold medal would be well deserved.

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