• The Best Ankle Braces for Sprained Ankle Injuries

    Although the team here at PhysioRoom can’t offer you a miracle cure for your sprained ankle, we can provide you with a particular set of ankle supports and braces that can aid you on your road to recovery. Whether you’ve been unfortunate enough to have been involved in a crunching tackle out on the football … Read more

    PhysioRoom’s top ankle supports and ankle braces

    So, you’ve found yourself with an injured ankle. Fate has cruelly conspired to roll your foot under you and make the next few weeks of your life somewhat inconvenient. It could have been in work, at home or more likely on the field, but whatever the cause, ankle sprains and fractures can happen anywhere, at … Read more

    Five Exercise Tips That Donִ’t Work

    The Olympics has inspired a lot of people to get off their sofas, take off their slippers and put some running shoes on instead. People are hitting the gyms, the swimming pools and joining the sports clubs because the games has galvanised a nation.

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    Exercising Outdoors 4 Ways to Protect your Skin

    When you watch cricket on hot summer days it can be quite amusing because the bowlers during a long day in the field look like Adam Ant from Adam and the Ants.

    For anybody that does not remember this superstar from the 1980ֳ his լookՠincluded a large white stripe across the middle of his face. Cricketers seem to apply their sun block in exactly the same way.

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    Olympic Profile Beth Tweddle

    South African born Beth Tweddle moved to this country when she was just eighteen months old. She is the most successful British gymnast of all time.

    At the London games she will be going for gold on the uneven bars. She has won the top prize in this event at the Commonwealth games, European championships, World Cup Finals and three times at the World championships.

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    Common Injuries Suffered in Winter

    I love Casualty, the TV programme as opposed to the real thing. From my experience I am sure that if there is a hell then it will be like an Accident & Emergency room on a Saturday night. Unfortunately, this nightmare place is the destination for thousands of people during the winter months.

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