• Exercising Outdoors 4 Ways to Protect your Skin

    When you watch cricket on hot summer days it can be quite amusing because the bowlers during a long day in the field look like Adam Ant from Adam and the Ants.

    For anybody that does not remember this superstar from the 1980ֳ his լookՠincluded a large white stripe across the middle of his face. Cricketers seem to apply their sun block in exactly the same way.

    It is, of course, a very sensible thing to do if you are to spend a day in the sun. They donִ do it for vanity, or to get a good tan, but to protect their skin. Exposure to too much sunlight not only burns the skin but can lead to skin cancer.

    Wear sun tan lotion

    Like a fast bowler if you plan to go out exercising in the sun you should put sun tan lotion on the exposed parts of your body. That is your face, neck, arms and legs.

    Even in this country where the sun does not shine that often when it does you have to protect your skin. Obviously the higher the factor your sun screen ˴he better and preferably use waterproof sun cream as you have to allow for your body sweating.

    Wear the right clothing

    So do you think your skin will be protected when you set out on your jog covered in cream wearing your t-shirt and shorts? I֭ afraid not. A normal t-shirt will let about twenty percent of the sunֳ rays through.

    There is clothing out there that is designed to block the sunֳ rays in the same way your sun screen does. These clothes will reduce the amount of sun reaching your body to just two percent.

    When you go out in the sun you should always wear a hat. You should protect your head from the sun otherwise you could suffer from sun stroke and blisters could form on your scalp.

    Keep yourself clean

    If you go to the gym you are at risk of picking up skin infections. According to a report by the American National Athletic Trainers Association, ӳkin diseases in athletes are extremely common.Ԝn
    To avoid contracting one of these diseases you should make sure that you wash your hands before and after using any equipment. Make sure you put on clean clothes after your workout and that you launder your gym gear after using it.

    They also recommend that ankle supports, ankle braces and ligament knee supports should be disinfected.

    It has been known for people to pick up skin conditions like impetigo, herpes, athleteֳ foot and even serious viral conditions like MRSA after visiting the gym.

    Wear your thermals

    In the winter you should wear thermal clothing to protect your skin. It will not only keep you warm but cold air can affect the skin.

    Exercise in the winter is good for your body as it keeps the blood moving around it as cold weather can make your circulation less efficient.

    So a good set of thermal underwear, plenty of water and a good moisturiser will protect your skin when running in the cold.

    Noel Coward sang that, Ӎad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.ӠIf you do venture out make sure that you protect your skin.

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