• Five Instances when Exercise is Very Bad

    Exercise is good. We all know that to get fit and to stay fit we have to get our sack of bones moving. If we donִ move our bodies on a regular basis we risk obesity, diabetes and heart problems.

    This is true. If exercise is the medicine you need to get your body to work properly then there will be side effects. Open any prescription drug and there will be a terrifying leaflet telling you that whilst it may cure your ailment the antidote itself could lead to complications.

    It can cause bowel problems

    There is a recognised condition of runnerֳ diarrhoea.ʠIt is an unpleasant consequence of running that can even bring down the best athletes.

    Marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe was affected herself by this very problem. In the 2005 world championships she suffered stomach cramps as she was running and knew she had to go.

    Even though she went behind a barrier a TV camera was on hand to record her discomfort. She still won the race though.

    It is thought that extreme exercise, such as marathon running, directs blood flow away from the intestines causing diarrhoea.

    It makes you sweat

    On the face of it this does not seem to be a problem. Running or cycling for a decent amount of time will cause you to sweat. You want to break a sweat when exercising. A simple shower and you will smell as clean and fresh as everyone else, right?

    Well the body is clever and as you become fit you will start to sweat sooner and more profusely than you did before.

    Sweat is your bodyֳ way of keeping you cool. Sweat takes the heat you are producing when exercising off the body. As you become fitter you generate heat sooner and the body has to adapt.

    So your body will start to sweat sooner even if you are only climbing the stairs.

    It hurts your body

    You only have to walk the streets to see joggers wearing ligament knee supports or ankle supports and you may wonder why they do it. Well you should see their feet.

    All that street pounding requires regular use of the first aid kit for their feet. Blisters are only half of the problem as become gnarled and covered in plasters.

    ӎo pain, no gain,Ӡthey say but exercise can hurt like hell.

    You become addicted to exercise

    Because it releases endorphins that are your bodyֳ happy drug people can become addicted to exercise.

    This can lead to people that donִ look healthy but more like a strange deformed creature. Over-muscled body builders donִ necessarily look fit and healthy but overbalanced and freakish.

    Like everything in life exercise should be done in moderation.

    This can lead to insomnia and eating disorders

    Excessive exercise leads to insomnia as it boosts the metabolism and if people exercise near their bedtime they will not be able to sleep easily.

    People who are addicted to exercise also tend to have eating disorders such as anorexia. They will starve themselves to avoid calorie absorption. Any calories they think they have taken on they will try to rapidly burn off.

    This can potentially lead to malnutrition and when these people are treated the medical professionals make sure that they donִ exercise.

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