• Exercising Outdoors 4 Ways to Protect your Skin

    When you watch cricket on hot summer days it can be quite amusing because the bowlers during a long day in the field look like Adam Ant from Adam and the Ants.

    For anybody that does not remember this superstar from the 1980ֳ his լookՠincluded a large white stripe across the middle of his face. Cricketers seem to apply their sun block in exactly the same way.

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    Cold Weather Training

    With the arrival of January 3rd came the realisation that the holiday period was finally over, the last turkey leg had been eaten and the remaining party poppers pulled. The cold, dark, wet and extremely blustery New Year had begun with a bang as I sat in my office chair thinking where did it all go? Pre-Christmas clothing favourites of brightly coloured slim fitting shirts paired with tailored single pleat trousers had been replaced by an array of plain black slacks coupled with double fronted elasticated pants to accommodate a slight festive spread.

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