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    If I told you that you could fill the air around you with a mood enhancing electrical charge, that would benefit your performance and increase your recovery time, you could be forgiven for thinking that I only have a few marbles rolling around upstairs and I wouldnִ blame you at all if you made a … Read more

    PhysioRoom.com Sponsors Greetland Goldstars

    Here at PhysioRoom.com we understand that the stars of the future are made today. That is why PhysioRoom.com is proud to announce a recent kit sponsorship deal with West Yorkshire football club Greetland Goldstars. The U16 side, who finished 7th in the 2013-2014 season are ready to make a run for the top three in … Read more

    Mark Cavendish’s Shoulder Injury – PhysioRoom.com Investigates

    Mark Cavendish’s Shoulder Injury

    It was to be the pinnacle of British Cycling. A first ever Maillot Jaune for Mark Cavendish and on British soil no less. Picture the scene Рthis is the sort of romance that Le Tour is built upon. Stage one of this yearsՠTour offered the rare chance for a sprinter to grasp the Yellow Jersey – a jersey which sadly, like last year ended on the back of Marcel Kittel. For Cavendish, the dream would not be a reality.

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    PhysioRoom.com’s Top Tips for New Runners

    Equipment for New Runners

    People that run regularly already can be oh-so quick to sing the virtues of how easy it is to start running. It is that easy for them Рtheyֶe already bought all the gear they need, and then some. Of course, you could march out there and start running right now with the exact clothes youֲe wearing.

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    Le Tour de PhysioRoom: Top Cycling Accessories

    PhysioRoom.com gets you Tour ready with these top cycling accessories

    The vocal expression of a Northerner is a hard thing to clarify at the best of times, even Attenborough struggles to decipher the true meaning hidden behind a laissez-faire attitude to grammar.

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    Blue Sky Shrinking: Office Ergonomics

    PhysioRoom.com hacks office ergonomics

    Ӊn this world you’ve got to turn up, log on and grind outӼ/i> Corrigan, M. (2003). Record numbers now sit slouched at the office chair, in traffic and on the sofa when returning home. We, the great nation of Hollandֳ Pies, have become a գivilisedՠcohort of sitters.

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    Six Nations 2014 Round Up & Giveaway!

    Ahh March, how we love thee. The lick of winterֳ cold still laps at our heels on the daily commute and we finally make it down to wearing only one jumper. The adventurous may even side-line the woolly hat. Rebel rebel.

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    Johnny Sexton – Skier’s Thumb Injury

    PhysioRoom.com examines Johnny Sexton’s thumb injury woes.

    Irish fly-half Johnny Sexton has become more acquainted with a hand splint than a rugby ball this past week after the Fly-half was seen to damage his thumb in Ireland’s Six Nations tie with England at Twickenham on February 22nd.[1]

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    From Sochi with Love

    At a total cost of $51bn the Sochi Winter Olympics has been dubbed Լi>The most expensive games in historyՠ- Kozachok dancing away with a financial investment more than 3 times that of London 2012. Still, accepted financial abjection aside the unquestioned precedent has served up a familiar cocktail: Accusations of bribes, government kickbacks and dubiously matey construction contracts.

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