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    PhysioRoom.com gets you Tour ready with these top cycling accessories

    The vocal expression of a Northerner is a hard thing to clarify at the best of times, even Attenborough struggles to decipher the true meaning hidden behind a laissez-faire attitude to grammar. Yet in summer 2014, for possibly the first time since records began, someone other than Geoffrey Boycott will feature as a colour commentator for Britainֳ sporting hopefuls as tales of whenִ tour cemִ Dales litter the streets of Leeds and York.

    Le Tour de Franceֳ Grande Departeռ/a> kicks off in the city of Leeds on Saturday 5th July as the nation prepares to lather in the glory of Britain’s new heroes Chris Froome,ʼa title=”Bradley Wiggins” href=”http://www.teamsky.com/profile_news/0,27292,17578,00.html” target=”_blank”>Bradley Wiggins, sorry, Wiggo, Mark Cavendish and new kid on the block Ben Swift.

    Top Cycling Accessories
    Cragg Vale – Photo Credit: Chris Ibbotson via Compfight cc

    And as a nation of unashamed glory hunters, we the good people of Blighty are readying ourselves for a cinematic display of national pride as the streets and villages of the northern counties become flooded with tour paraphernalia and not water, for once. Like the 2012 Olympics before it, Le Tour has captured the heart of the nation as we attempt once more to inject a sense of Britishness to the world stage.

    Having catapulted to the forefront of the collective mind following Wiggo’s win at Le Tour in 2012, through the complete dominance ofʼa title=”Mark Cavendish” href=”https://twitter.com/MarkCavendish” target=”_blank”>Mark Cavendish in the sprint category over the last few years and of course,ʼa title=”Chris Froome” href=”https://twitter.com/chrisfroome” target=”_blank”>Chris Froome’s destruction of the peloton in 2013 it is the 2014 edition when cycling will no doubt develop into the British sporting behemoth of fancy.

    The hills and dales of Yorkshire are already littered with MAMILֳ (Middle Aged Men In Lycra)[1] battling the icy winds of spring as they circumnavigate sections of this yearֳ race. The infamous climb of Cragg Vale, often dubbed РThe Longest Continual Gradient in the UKʼ/i>has become host to cyclists young and old of late all time trialling their best time up the 5.5mile 950ft climb.[2]


    PhysioRoom.com’s Top Cycling Accessories for Long Days in the Saddle:

    Top Cycling Accessories
    Nobody likes to chafe! Photo Credit: ukslim via Compfight cc
    1. Anti-chafing РSpending the whole day sat on your hiney may seem easy, but saddle sores are a qualm of the day long cyclist. Counter measures such as general cleanliness and less friction may be the first port of call, but eventually an anti-chafing lubricant such as the Mueller Runners Lube Stick will be required. The groin can become a hot bed of friction over the course of even the smallest rides. Anti-chafing keeps the area lubricated and helps reduce chafing, making you more comfortable and your friendֳ ears less berated in the process.
    2. Saddle Gel РFor those just getting into the sport, one of the hardest walls to climb will be the saddle. The human derriere was never designed for sitting on a razorblade for hours on end. As your rear becomes accustomed to the practice, treat your tush with some respect and cushion yourself from the effects of hours in the saddle with the G-Form Saddle Gel Kit.
    3. Base Layer Compression РThough base layers may seem like attire suitable for only those north of the wall, garments such as these are an ideal addition to any outdoor training activity.

      Top Cycling Accessories

      Due to the nature of our shores and those of the sport of cycling itself, base layers are an ideal companion for all rides pre and post summer. Wicking properties will keep the skin dry and as a result, the body warm no matter what the weather. The PhysioRoom.com Base Layer will keep you warm and dry on the wettest of days.

    4. Nightwear РThough by all accounts, summer is starting to show signs of breaking through the clouds, night times can still be exceptionally hazardous at this time of year. With most weekday warriors setting off on their commute to and from the office during daylight closing hours, nightwear is an essential part of cycling protection gear. From reflective race vests to ankle bands and head torches, ensure that you stay seen and safe this spring with the Ultimate Performance High Visibility Race Vest.
    5. Hydration РLacking hydration is one of the biggest killers of longer rides and though items like hydration aids are regularly featured on the mountain biking circuit, they are often overlooked when one jumps to the road. Make sure that you stay hydrated all summer with an Ultimate Performance Hydration Bag which also houses enough space for a few spare inner tubes, sandwiches and dry socks!
    6. Top tube bag РEver tried to reach for your banana in your back pocket only to realise it disappeared hours ago? The Ultimate Performance Top Tube Bag takes the hassle out of the equation by allowing you to store food, tools or other necessary items on the top tube. A handy addition to storage issues, top tube bags are both light and aerodynamic.
    7. Activity Tracker РWhatֳ the point in busting all those miles into the unknown if you canִ record, analyse and track it? None – thatֳ what we think. The Polar Loop is a brand spanking new concept from one of the market leaders in heart rate technology, Polar. Theʼa title=”Polar Loop” href=”” target=”_blank”>Polar Loop can be used alongside a Polar heart rate monitor to track calories and activity throughout your day. By providing polite reminders as to the percentage of your daily activity goals, the Loop is set to become a market leader in tracking technology. Utilising the all new Polar Flow app which is compatible with iPhone devices, the Polar Loop allows you to track any activity (itֳ waterproof) and document it for analysis.

      Top Cycling Accessories
      The all new Polar Loop!

    All of these top products are now available at PhysioRoom.com. For more information on Le Tour de France be sure to check out our Beginners Guide to Le Tour de France here.




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