• What is Proprioception?

    Back when famous philosopher Aristotle first proposed to humanity the five senses, it was meant to give us a clear idea of how we interact with the external world around us. Well, as it turns out, Aristotle was wrong. That’s because human beings possess far more than the rudimentary five we’ve been lead to believe … Read more

    Suspension Training Explained | PhysioRoom Blog

    If you’ve ever stopped during your workout at your local fitness centre of choice and taken a glance around the wider world of the gym floor, you may start to notice just how many contraptions, accessories and tools people employ to achieve their goals. Be it kettlebells, balance trainers or foam rollers, there’s always something … Read more

    Wobble Boards and Cushions Explained

    Today’s PhysioRoom Blog is going to take a look at wobble cushions and boards. What they are, what they do, and how they can help with injury rehabilitation and even with kids with ADHD Now of course, both wobble boards and cushions both have several benefits, many falling at  cross section between the two. But … Read more

    PhysioRoom.com’s Top Tips for New Runners

    Equipment for New Runners

    People that run regularly already can be oh-so quick to sing the virtues of how easy it is to start running. It is that easy for them Рtheyֶe already bought all the gear they need, and then some. Of course, you could march out there and start running right now with the exact clothes youֲe wearing.

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    How footballers are playing for longer

    The former England and Tottenham Hotspur manager Glenn Hoddle once observed that, when a player gets to 30, so does his body. This is undoubtedly true and these days footballers are able to continue playing at the top level into their mid and late thirties.

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    PhysioRoom.com Interviews Helen Clitheroe

    As a 12 time medalist in the AAA Championships, 2011 European 3000m Indoor Champion and winner of the 2000 1st 1500m European cup (to name a few achievements), 38-year-old Helen Clitheroe from Preston is no stranger to the world of athletics.

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