• Best Wrist Supports for Wrist Pain

    Wrist Pain can be one of the most annoying forms of pain to have. We do everything with our hands, and the hand bones are connected to the…wrist bones. So having mild or chronic pain of the wrist can seriously affect your ability to go about everyday life. Even something as simple of picking up … Read more

    What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Today’s PhysioRoom blog is going to take a look at Carpal Tunnel syndrome, one of the most common injuries there is. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome stands out as a scourge to all people, it doesn’t discriminate based on fitness or activity level, it can affect everyone in a similar way. In fact, if … Read more

    Blue Sky Shrinking: Office Ergonomics

    PhysioRoom.com hacks office ergonomics

    Ӊn this world you’ve got to turn up, log on and grind outӼ/i> Corrigan, M. (2003). Record numbers now sit slouched at the office chair, in traffic and on the sofa when returning home. We, the great nation of Hollandֳ Pies, have become a գivilisedՠcohort of sitters.

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