• How to Do Hot Cold Therapy at Home

    When it comes to natural remedies, there exists a time-tested technique that can: soothe aches alleviate discomfort accelerate recovery Enter hot & cold therapy. It harnesses the power of temperature variations to offer a soothing balm to both body and mind. Be it for sore muscle relief or accelerating recovery; it could be your at-home … Read more

    How to Use Ice Therapy to Improve Your Performance

    How to Use Ice Therapy to Improve Your Performance

    Are you an athlete striving for peak performance? Or you’re simply looking to enhance your physical abilities? Either way, incorporating recovery techniques is key. One such method that has gained significant attention is ice therapy. This natural treatment approach can be a game-changer, all thanks to its ability to: reduce inflammation relieve pain promote faster … Read more

    How Does Ice Therapy Work?

    How Does Ice Therapy Work?

    It’s amazing how a simple application of ice can provide relief from pain and aid in the healing process. Known as ice therapy, it has been used for centuries to treat various conditions. But what exactly happens when we apply ice to our bodies? In this blog, we will uncover the fascinating science behind this … Read more

    Hot & Cold Treatment Guide

    Learn all there is to know about hot and cold treatment, including how it works, the treatments and products available, and more in our detailed buyers’ guide. Injuries, however serious, are never nice to deal with and many don’t fully understand how to treat them, which can cause delays in the recovery period. Whether you’ve … Read more

    Cold Compress vs. Heat Packs | PhysioRoom Blog

    Find out how to treat your injuries and conditions with hot and cold therapies. Learn how and when to use cold compresses and heat packs here. Just about everyone knows that both heat and cold can help treat sports injuries, but a lot of people don’t know specifically when it’s appropriate to use a cold … Read more

    Mark Cavendish’s Shoulder Injury – PhysioRoom.com Investigates

    Mark Cavendish’s Shoulder Injury

    It was to be the pinnacle of British Cycling. A first ever Maillot Jaune for Mark Cavendish and on British soil no less. Picture the scene Рthis is the sort of romance that Le Tour is built upon. Stage one of this yearsՠTour offered the rare chance for a sprinter to grasp the Yellow Jersey – a jersey which sadly, like last year ended on the back of Marcel Kittel. For Cavendish, the dream would not be a reality.

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