• PhysioRoom’s Injury Prone Players

    Today’s PhysioRoom blog is going to look at some of the most injury prone players since our records began. These unlucky souls are regular fixtures on our Injury Table, be it dipping in and out with multiple niggles and knocks, or long term stays due to serious injuries. Let’s take a look… Vincent Kompany Fresh … Read more

    Can Playing Multiple Sports Help your Child Avoid Overuse Injuries?

    Today’s PhysioRoom blog quite literally asks what multi-sport athletes are and if playing more than one sport can help prevent overuse injuries in kids and adolescents…   So…in the US, they have these things called ‘multi-sport athletes’. Oh? You mean like when Michael Jordan guy tried to play baseball and was rubbish? Sort of. We’re … Read more

    The Benefits of Compex Machines

    When starting out with a fitness programme, you’re often bombarded with so much information you don’t know where to start. Then even when you begin to gather more knowledge about the field and start to get a plan together, you discover some new technology out there that can help you achieve an even better body … Read more

    Boxing Injuries – Hand Problems

    There’s something about the sweet science of boxing that captures the imagination like nothing else. Two people standing across the ring from one another with the sole intention of slamming fists in to each other’s faces. It stiffens the sinews and raises the hair on the back of the neck in a way that only ... Read more

    Infographic: Common Sports-Related Injuries and Recovery Time

    Recovery˔ime Keep tabs on your club’s sidelined starsˡnd follow their expected period of rehabilitation. Match up the general recovery time from their injuries to their estimated return date with our Premier League Injury Table. Our guide to three injured players according to our infographic: Vincent Kompany, calf Having suffered another calf injury against Dynamo Kiev, … Read more

    A New Season – Newcastle United

    I wrote this piece for Newcastle United’s largest independent fanzine The Mag back in August, just before the start of the new season and just before the disaster that was ‘The Etihad’.ˁfter only three Premier League games ( 1 win / 1 draw / 1 loss) and with the team currently sitting in 12th place am I wrong for thinking – Where has it all gone wrong!?

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    PhysioRoom.com All Star League РWeek Four

    As the old saying goes չou donִ know what youֶe got until you lose it!ՠand that was certainly the case during the International Break, with the 2012/13 EPL campaign still in its infancy my Fantasy Football tinkering is already an integral part of my weekend!ʠCould this early season sojour provide the opportunity to re-evaluate the squad and allow me the necessary changes to take me back where I belong? Well, in short NOɠ

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